Come Ride the E-line Twin Torpedos (and Volunteer) Oct. 6-7


You haven’t seen this in San Francisco for almost 60 years. A pair of 1948 Muni PCCs, Nos. 1006 and 1008, in their original double-end configuration and their as-delivered “Wings” paint scheme.
This class of Muni streetcars was altered around 1955. They were converted to run from only one end and painted to look like their single-end cousins. Both of these streetcars have been out of passenger service for at least a quarter-century. They’re now back from a complete remanufacturing at Brookville Equipment Company of Pennsylvania. No. 1008 carried passengers between Fisherman’s Wharf and Caltrain on the future E-Embarcadero line for the first weekend of the America’s Cup World Series in August. No. 1006 had just been delivered then, but it’s now just about done with its 1,000 mile of testing, and all is reportedly well. It’s been seen training operators on The Embarcadero the past couple of days.
Both these streetcars will join other double-end vintage streetcars for a second weekend of E-line service Saturday and Sunday, October 6 and 7, from about 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (final hours and headways should be announced by Muni in a few days). The city is expected to be completely packed that weekend, with the America’s Cup World Series, Fleet Week, Giants playoff games, the Castro Street Fair, an Italian-American parade and much more.
We need several more docents to work the stops along the E-line on October 6 and 7, helping riders find the right platform and providing information about the service. We have docent books prepared by Paul Lucas, so it’s easy to learn what to do. If you’re interested, send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

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Muni Centennial Logo on a Mug and Sticker!

Through a special arrangement with Muni’s parent, SFMTA, we are able to offer Muni’s Centennial logo on a coffee mug and a sticker. Mugs are priced at $10.95; stickers at $2.99. Market Street Railway members get 10%off! For now, these are only available at our San Francisco Railway Museum, so drop by and check them out.

photo 2.JPG

And watch this space for news on Muni’s upcoming centennial activities in November.

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Photo of the Moment: Brandon Doran

No, they’re not streetcars or cable cars, but what a fascinating angle on San Francisco transit. San Francisco is one of the few remaining North American cities to operate trolley buses, and no city on this continent has a network of overhead transit wires to match our city’s. (Visual intrusion, yes; zero emission transit, courtesy Hetch Hetchy, absolutely!)
This photo comes from one of our 2013 Museums in Motion calendar contributors (though his actual photo in the calendar is of streetcars). Here’s what he has to say about his work and his city.
> My name is Brandon Doran and I’m a San Francisco resident for 11 years and have been photographing for the last two and a half. These days I am most interested in photographing the everyday moments occurring out on the street with the occasional cityscape or architectural shot, which I hope tells some story about the place or people. Muni buses, streetcars, and cable cars are one of the most obvious things to take pictures of in San Francisco. But why do I photograph Muni? Because Muni fascinates me. It’s life, it’s a very much an integral part of the city I love, it’s San Franciscan. I am always looking for something to provide the aesthetic means to say what I want to say about the things I see. Muni is a wonderful vehicle, pardon the pun, for making a picture that says something about San Francisco.
Check out more of Brandon’s work on his website, or on Instagram (brandondoran).
And don’t forget, you can pick up our calendar right now at our San Francisco Railway Museum for $12.95.

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Actual “Last Day” of Muni’s First PCC Era


Click to enlarge.

One of our members has chimed in with a correction of the last day of Muni’s original PCC streetcar service. Peter Ehrlich says the 30th anniversary is today (actually, the wee hours of September 20 for that last pull-in that railfans get worked up about). He’s right.
We knew that the last day of scheduled PCC service was on a Sunday, because the old streamliners were only working weekends at the end. We should have checked the calendar to be sure the date Bob Davis gave us, September 17, was a Sunday, but we didn’t. It turns out it wasn’t. Sorry.
The last scheduled day of PCC service was Sunday, September 19, 1982, as shown in this brochure Mr. Ehrlich sent along. He and Muni Community Affairs prepared and distributed it that weekend.
Mr. Ehrlich also took issue with which streetcar was really the last one into the barn, but we’ll leave that to be hashed out among those who were there — or claimed to be. We’re just glad to get the date right…and to remind everyone again that what many thought to be the end forever was only the end for nine months, thanks to Mayor Dianne Feinstein’s support of the Historic Trolley Festivals that started in 1983 and led to the opening of the permanent F-line.

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The Day the Streetcars (Almost) Died

It was 30 years ago today, September 17, 1982, that surface streetcars on Market Street were supposed to roll into history forever. As Market Street Railway member Bob Davis reminds us, that was expected to be the final day of operation of Muni’s streamlined PCC streetcars, with full seven-day operation in the Muni Metro Subway on all five lines (J,K,L,M,N) starting the next morning, using new Boeing light rail vehicles. When PCC No. 1108 took the N-Judah beach loop on… — Read More

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Inside Muni’s Streetcar Restoration Vendor

Muni’s current vendor for streetcar restoration, Brookville Equipment Corporation of Pennsylvania, has produced a promotional video about its services. It’s got several shots of newly restored PCC No. 1006 (or is it 1008? – they’re identical and not numbered in the shots) on the shop floor (starting at 0:47 on the video), along with a peek at their mate No. 1009, partially painted in its Dallas & Terminal Railway livery (at 1:38). Much of the footage covers the mining equipment… — Read More

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Photo of the Moment: From a 2013 Calendar Contributor

An example of Adolfo Echeverry’s photography: PCC No. 1059, honoring Boston Elevated Railway, makes a nighttime run on The Embarcadero. Adolfo is a contributor to our 2013 calendar. Click to enlarge. We are so lucky to attract such great photographers to contribute their skills to the calendars we create every year as a fund-raiser for our non-profit advocacy group. The calendars themselves remind people of how San Francisco’s historic streetcars and cable cars add such richness to the city’s urban… — Read More

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