Photo of the Moment: From a 2013 Calendar Contributor


An example of Adolfo Echeverry’s photography: PCC No. 1059, honoring Boston Elevated Railway, makes a nighttime run on The Embarcadero. Adolfo is a contributor to our 2013 calendar. Click to enlarge.

We are so lucky to attract such great photographers to contribute their skills to the calendars we create every year as a fund-raiser for our non-profit advocacy group. The calendars themselves remind people of how San Francisco’s historic streetcars and cable cars add such richness to the city’s urban fabric. The proceeds for the calendars help us fulfill our mission of preserving historic transit in San Francisco and help our advocacy for such things as extension of service to Mission Bay and Fort Mason and the restoration of additional pieces of our city’s transit history.
One of our new contributors for the 2013 calendar, now on sale at our San Francisco Railway Museum or in our online store, is Adolfo Echeverry. Here’s what he says about his interest in the city’s streetcars:
> In Colombia, my country of origin, two cities, Bogota and Medellin, ran streetcars. By the time I was born both systems had been deserted.
> When I arrived in San Francisco in 1999, I, as many people who visit the city for the first time, didn’t know about the streetcars. I only knew about the cable cars, having seen them in thousands of pictures, movies and even TV commercials (Remember that old ad of Charlie, where the girl loses her purse?)
> When I saw the F-line streetcars it was love at first sight. I would ride them from the Castro to Market and 14th Street to go to work. Short ride indeed, but I enjoyed every minute of it. The streetcars cheer up the city with their colorful parade when going from the Castro, down on Market Street and The Embarcadero, to the wharves and vice-versa. I’m very excited with the opening of the E-line service since it means new opportunities for many more pictures of a topic I never get tired of: the streetcars of San Francisco.
> You can check some of my pictures on my Flickr group and also can see some others at my Facebook group.
We thank Adolfo and our other great photographers for sharing their visions with us.


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  1. Interesting.
    I have noticed that 1059 seems to be on the street everyday. It must be one of the most reliable cars. However, I have not seen it on the street in the past few days.

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