July 2024

Jul 12: Boat Tram starts summer service NOW

Jul 3: Take the "Hyde Ride" this gorgeous Friday-Saturday.

May 2024

May 29: Vintage rail summer starts now!

May 6: A present for Willie Mays' 93rd birthday

April 2024

Apr 9: Muni Heritage Weekend Sept. 21-22

February 2024

Feb 14: Tony Bennett's 'Halfway to the Stars' Cable Car!

Feb 8: Tony Bennett cable car dedication on ❤️ Day

January 2024

Jan 23: Don't miss Muni's great photo show

Jan 1: California Street cable car line reverts to $8 fare

December 2023

Dec 29: "Ring out" 150 Years of Cable Cars with special rides this weekend

Dec 24: Santa Claus Was Coming to Town

Dec 17: The angel's in the details

Dec 3: Help us bring the original "Love Boat" back to San Francisco

November 2023

Nov 23: Shop unique this year

Nov 1: Welcome the world but shut down the cable cars?

October 2023

Oct 11: Buses on F-line, Oct. 14-28

Oct 3: Ride the Boat Tram to see the Blue Angels

September 2023

Sep 29: "Two Bells", Dianne Feinstein

Sep 25: Muni Heritage Weekend a huge success!

Sep 19: Muni Heritage Weekend, Sept. 23-24, 2023

Sep 14: Here's the Boat's sailing schedule

Sep 5: Cable car heroes: 5 stars for the little cars

Sep 1: Two bells, "Mr. Boston"

August 2023

Aug 3: Great 150th cable car celebration!

July 2023

Jul 21: Tony Bennett deserves a cable car of his own!

June 2023

Jun 29: Waterfront vintage streetcar service, summer 2023

Jun 23: 40th anniversary of the Trolley Festival

Jun 14: Time-travel kickoff for 150 Years of Cable Cars

Jun 12: Cable car celebration kickoff June 13, California & Market Sts.

May 2023

May 16: These cable car displays are instant time travel

May 10: Why yes. Muni DOES have two boat trams

April 2023

Apr 27: Rebuilding the cable car system, 1982-84

Apr 20: When cable cars were hi-tech

Apr 14: Market & California, now and then (and then, and then...)

March 2023

Mar 27: Red Arrow hits target

Mar 23: Cable car plea: fix the ficus

Mar 18: Color cable car flashback

February 2023

Feb 19: Muni Heritage Weekend: Sept. 23-24

Feb 4: Melvin Van Peebles, Cable Car Gripman

January 2023

Jan 19: The cable car tower

Jan 4: Watch out for the wet

December 2022

Dec 28: Happy 110th Birthday, Muni

Dec 24: Looking back - and forward

November 2022

Nov 26: You need to be here!

Nov 14: CAL-ble Car

October 2022

Oct 27: 75th anniversary celebration of saving the cable cars proves a real bell-ringer

September 2022

Sep 26: 1947: Cable car war

Sep 5: STRIKE!

August 2022

Aug 26: Farewell to fabulous photographer Fred Lyon

Aug 1: Happy 149th Anniversary, Cable Cars!

July 2022

Jul 26: Our 2023 calendar is here!

Jul 12: Hayes Street: transit since 1860

Jul 10: Getting high on the 6-line

Jul 8: The 2, truncated

Jul 4: Finding room to run

June 2022

Jun 6: Happy Heritage Day

Jun 1: Muni Heritage Day is Saturday, June 4

April 2022

Apr 24: Coming to town

Apr 13: Cable Car 8: art, craft, or both?

March 2022

Mar 21: Memories of the Market Street Railway

Mar 18: Celebrating Muni operators

Mar 14: Cars of many colors

February 2022

Feb 22: Buses on F-line through March 12

Feb 15: Check out our new bus section

Feb 6: Completing a century: Muni 1983-2012

Feb 1: Modernizing Muni: 1963-1982

January 2022

Jan 24: Rails to rubber: Muni 1946-1962

Jan 16: Muni at war: crushloads & consolidation 1941-1945

Jan 10: The people's road: Muni 1912-1941

Jan 4: How Muni was born: 1900-1912

December 2021

Dec 28: Happy 109th Birthday, Muni!

Dec 10: Forty frustrating years underground

Dec 9: Market Street subway dreams

Dec 7: Muni to consider PCC streetcars for future J-line service

November 2021

Nov 16: Maya Angelou, streetcar conductor: the full story

October 2021

Oct 11: THIS is why we brought the Boat Trams to San Francisco

Oct 7: Come take a cruise (or say G'Day)

September 2021

Sep 29: Boat tram on the waterfront for Fleet Week

Sep 18: 2022 calendar is here!

Sep 6: Labor of Love

August 2021

Aug 9: Patriarch Streetcar Turns 125

Aug 1: Cable cars back on 148th birthday, Aug. 2!

July 2021

Jul 14: "Better Market Street" keeps shrinking; less disruption likely for F-line

June 2021

Jun 21: Longer F-line hours start June 26, from 7 a.m.-10p.m.

Jun 14: Celebrating F-line enablers this Pride Month

Jun 7: Boat Tram, Dinky both 'fan favorites'

Jun 2: Boat or Dinky: which will win?

May 2021

May 27: Sorrow and outrage

May 16: Welcome back, F-line!

May 6: Streetcars bring smiles to the streets

May 2: Vote for your favorite streetcar!

April 2021

Apr 17: Take a 1906 "Trip Down Market Street" with experts

Apr 9: Play Ball...the Muni way!

Apr 1: Renting the street

March 2021

Mar 17: St. Patrick's Day, 1906

Mar 9: Powerhouse goes to the dogs (and cats)!

Mar 5: Rise and Fall of United Railroads

Mar 2: F-line to return in May, Hyde cable later this year!

February 2021

Feb 27: Chronicle, 1947: cable cars 'surely dead'

Feb 12: End of (last original) track

Feb 1: Black barrier-breakers in San Francisco transit

January 2021

Jan 28: Streetcars to buses

Jan 13: The 15-Third is back

December 2020

Dec 28: Happy 108th Birthday, Muni!

Dec 9: Final restored PCC back home

November 2020

Nov 30: Unique gifts for SF transit fans

Nov 19: Market Street 1932: Wowza!

October 2020

Oct 29: Keeping the streetcars ready

Oct 24: Uncovering Cal Cable's past

Oct 13: What might have been: Geary

Oct 5: What might have been

September 2020

Sep 26: Cable car on display at Powell & Market

Sep 21: Ding Dong Daddy: The real story

Sep 8: F-line 25th anniversary merch!

Sep 1: F-line's 25th anniversary

August 2020

Aug 28: Two transit pandemics

Aug 22: When Heritage Weekend got a gift from us

Aug 14: Jubilation -- and riots -- on Market Street 75 years ago

Aug 2: Unhappy 147th birthday, cable cars

July 2020

Jul 24: When the oldest streetcar was new

Jul 16: Our 2021 Calendar is Here!

Jul 9: When will the cable cars and streetcars return?

June 2020

Jun 30: Pedal to the metal: "Finding room to run"

Jun 28: Pride 1983

Jun 27: Art Curtis, 1940-2020

Jun 19: What's New is Old

Jun 6: When politics & dirty tricks savaged our cable cars

May 2020

May 27: You need this mask!

May 23: "My City, My Game"

May 20: Muni Heritage Weekend postponed

May 15: Streetcars in the Sunset

May 9: The Castro's rich transit history

May 5: Giving Tuesday: can you help?

April 2020

Apr 28: Cool backdrops let you Zoom into history

Apr 19: A familiar (if brief) clang

Apr 15: Status update, April 15, 2020

Apr 11: Live streetcar map

Apr 6: Status update April 6, 2020

March 2020

Mar 16: Streetcar-cable car shutdown

Mar 13: Museum closed until F-line streetcars return

Mar 4: It was 20 years ago today...

February 2020

Feb 26: Car-free Market Speeds Up F-line

January 2020

Jan 30: Boat Tram Marks Market Street's New Era

Jan 27: Boat Tram to Help Celebrate Car-free Market, Jan. 29

Jan 12: Future Meets Past in Muni Art

December 2019

Dec 28: 107 Years Ago Today

Dec 24: Double your year-end donation!

Dec 3: 2020 Muni Heritage Weekend: August 22-23

November 2019

Nov 29: Two Great Streetcar Stories

Nov 13: Jeff Tumlin New SFMTA Leader

Nov 1: Happy Centennial of a Big Global Streetcar Event

October 2019

Oct 30: Grab a seat on this unique cable car and feed the hungry

Oct 21: Pier 39 is now E/F-line terminal for at least a year

Oct 16: Fabulous Fleet Week

Oct 12: A Stealth Boat

Oct 10: Boat to Cruise on Fleet Week Weekend

September 2019

Sep 11: Boat Keeps Sailing Through Fleet Week

Sep 9: "Best Heritage Weekend Ever"

Sep 7: Heritage Weekend Halftime Report

Sep 6: Great Kickoff to Heritage Weekend

August 2019

Aug 31: Ride, Join, and SHOP at Heritage Weekend

Aug 18: Sept. 7-8 Muni Heritage Weekend Details Here!

Aug 12: Boat Tram Sails Again

Aug 6: Big 19 in Broad Daylight

July 2019

Jul 26: Back On Track -- After 77 Years Off!

Jul 24: Crazy Day on the Waterfront

Jul 22: Trip to Europe on the Waterfront

Jul 19: Thank You, Ed Reiskin

Jul 16: Boat Tram Still Sidelined

Jul 1: Melbourne Tram Subs for Boat This Week

June 2019

Jun 26: Showing Transit Pride

Jun 14: Flashback to 1906 on June 26

May 2019

May 28: Great Start to Summer Boat Service

May 27: Boat Tram About to Land

May 24: Muni Heritage Weekend Sept. 7-8

May 3: Sail the Boat Starting May 28

April 2019

Apr 22: The E is Back!

Apr 16: Best Version Yet of Iconic 1906 Movie

Apr 11: One "L" of a Streetcar Line

Apr 5: Welcome to our new site!

March 2019

Mar 18: Thank a Muni Operator Today

Mar 15: E-line Outage Extended Through April

Mar 9: Variety of Visitors at our Museum

Mar 5: Hear Mayor Art Agnos' Inside Stories of Embarcadero Transformation March 21

February 2019

Feb 19: Homeward Bound Bumblebee

Feb 15: Broad "Daylight"

Feb 6: London Buses in SF: 1952

January 2019

Jan 26: Remembering Cam Beach

Jan 24: "Torpedoes" on the F-line

Jan 16: 10-Year Profile Picture Challenge

Jan 9: E-line Shuts Down for Two Months Starting Jan. 22

December 2018

Dec 28: Muni: 106 and Counting

Dec 15: Decorated Cable Cars, Now and Then

Dec 12: Big Boost for Mid-Market F-line Loop

Dec 12: Muni's "Fireplace"

Dec 3: See 'Lost Landscapes' Dec. 4 and 5

November 2018

Nov 30: Friday Fun and Fantasy

Nov 21: Decorate Streetcars and Cable Cars Nov. 24

Nov 19: All About Muni's Archives, November 29

Nov 15: Smoke Stops Cable Cars

October 2018

Oct 28: "Full of Wonders"

Oct 26: John Haley Leaves Muni

Oct 19: Iron Monster Trucked to Fix Trucks

September 2018

Sep 28: Pacific Electric PCC 1061 Headed Back to Muni

Sep 10: What a Weekend!

Sep 6: Ride Hyde the Way it Used to Be!

August 2018

Aug 30: Heritage Weekend Has Later Start Time This Year  

Aug 13: Steam Streetcar on Market Street, 1864

Aug 12: Incredible Film: Cable Cars on Pacific Ave., 1929

Aug 9: "Coming to Town" Talk to Help Open Salesforce Transit Center August 11

Aug 1: "The Greatest Streetcar Museum in America"

July 2018

Jul 27: A Gripping Evening with Val Lupiz

Jul 25: Bringing LA Back to SF from PA

Jul 21: Update: 916 Test Cut Short; Not Out the Rest of the Weekend

Jul 19: Double Dose of Down Under This Weekend

Jul 13: Meet Cable Car Historian Val Lupiz July 18

Jul 10: "The bell is charming; the horn works"

Jul 8: "Zurich" Car to Return To Service Soon?

June 2018

Jun 22: Buses on F-line, No E-line Sunday, June 24

Jun 15: Historic Streetcars Move Back Home Tonight

Jun 3: Last Public Vintage Streetcar Charter of 2018: June 16

May 2018

May 22: 2019 Museums in Motion Calendar is Here!

April 2018

Apr 23: Welcome Home, 162!

Apr 18: Sayonara Cincinnati

Apr 14: Meet MSR Board Chair Carmen Clark April 17

Apr 12: Sacramento Street on Powell!

Apr 6: Brooklyn is Back!

Apr 3: Opening Day, with Car 1!

Apr 3: Boat from "Beach to Beach" May 6

Apr 1: New Heritage Cable Car Livery Selected

March 2018

Mar 27: Kids Priced Out of Cable Car Experience?

Mar 5: Colors, Forms of the F-line

February 2018

Feb 28: Visit Us at San Francisco History Days March 3-4

Feb 24: "Trackless Trolleys"?

Feb 5: Muni Heritage Weekend 2018: September 8-9

Feb 2: Say 'G'day' to Melbourne on the E-line this weekend

Feb 2: Tunnel Vision

January 2018

Jan 16: The Eyes Behind Our 2018 Calendar

Jan 10: Another Rebuilt PCC Enters Service

Jan 2: Rebuilt PCC 1050 Heads to SF, Honoring St. Louis

Jan 2: "Newest" PCC Streetcar Collides with Truck

Jan 1: Happy 2018 and Thanks!

December 2017

Dec 27: Happy 105th Birthday, Muni!

Dec 12: Hail and Farewell, Mayor Ed Lee

Dec 11: Snow in San Francisco 85 years ago today

November 2017

Nov 28: Welcome Back, Cable Car 22!

Nov 23: Thanksgiving 2017

Nov 18: Perfect November Saturday on the Waterfront

Nov 13: Positively (Twenty-)Fourth Street

Nov 7: Just Visiting

Nov 1: Van Ness and McAllister, Nov. 1, 1917

October 2017

Oct 26: Baltimore Blues

Oct 25: The Lineup

Oct 18: 121 Years in One Day

Oct 15: 10/15/17 -- Twice!

Oct 9: Boat Tram An Added Attraction at Fleet Week

Oct 7: Boat Cruising This Weekend!

September 2017

Sep 29: Merger Day, 73 years ago

Sep 11: Best Muni Heritage Weekend Ever!

Sep 8: Come On Down for Heritage Weekend!

Sep 7: Vintage Buses on the 7-Haight Friday, September 8

August 2017

Aug 31: Muni Bus Centennial Celebrated at Heritage Weekend

Aug 29: Our Spies are Everywhere!

Aug 28: Great LA Times Story: Attractions Along the F-line

Aug 24: No Cable Cars, F-line Streetcars Saturday, Aug. 26

Aug 14: Trolley Excursion, August 27, 2017

Aug 13: 2018 Calendar Now On Sale

Aug 11: Happy Centennial, J-Church

Aug 6: Magic Carpet Ride

July 2017

Jul 22: What Would You Have Saved From the Old Boneyard?

Jul 10: 84% Support Historic Streetcars

Jul 9: More Muni Mismanagement of the E-line

Jul 5: Waiting for Muni, About 1940

Jul 3: No F-line Streetcars on the 4th of July

Jul 2: Patriotic Celebration, 1909

June 2017

Jun 24: Pittsburgh in Nevada, Inbound

Jun 22: Visible Pride for Harvey Milk

Jun 22: Vintage Pride: 1983

Jun 18: MSR Co-Founder Paul Rosenberg Passes Away

Jun 16: Geneva Car Barn & Powerhouse Gets Funding

May 2017

May 28: Fort Mason Streetcar Extension Update

May 20: Boston's Back in Business

May 15: Private Cruise on the Boat Tram, Just for You, June 4

May 7: Shoppers' Shuttle

May 2: Help Preserve Mona Caron's Market Street Railway Mural

April 2017

Apr 27: Happy 125th to San Francisco Electric Streetcars

Apr 24: "Boston" is Back!

March 2017

Mar 16: Muni Heritage Weekend Confirmed for Sept. 9-10

Mar 15: Welcome Back, Harvey Milk's Streetcar!

Mar 14: First Rebuilt PCC, Honoring Harvey Milk, to be Welcomed Back March 15

Mar 7: Buses & Streetcars: New Exhibit at SF Railway Museum

Mar 2: Great Displays at SF History Days March 4-5

February 2017

Feb 25: "Service Improvement" on the F-line? You decide.

Feb 19: Stunning Composite Photographs

Feb 2: E-line Problem Discourages Riders

January 2017

Jan 27: Clarifying the 1947 Threat to the Cable Cars

Jan 17: NextMuni Predictions Seemingly Better for Streetcars Now

Jan 7: Muni Arrival Times Inaccurate Right Now

December 2016

Dec 29: End of the B-Geary, 60 Years Ago

Dec 24: Merry Christmas...Transit-wise

November 2016

Nov 25: Unique SF Transit Gifts at our Museum Store

Nov 21: Take Famed Streetcar No. 1 to See "Lost Landscapes"

Nov 10: Second Renovated PCC Back From Contractor

Nov 6: City Hall Avenue, Around 1913

October 2016

Oct 24: Rainy Day on Market, World War II

Oct 10: Don't Miss Fred Lyon's Photo Exhibition

Oct 7: Fleet Weekend Service Adjustments on E, F

September 2016

Sep 26: Terrific Heritage Weekend

Sep 23: Here Comes Muni Heritage Weekend

Sep 19: Getting Ready for Muni Heritage Weekend

Sep 14: Take a 1950 Trolley Bus to Streetcar Movies Sept. 24

Sep 5: Honoring Labor

Sep 1: "R" You Ready? Muni's First Trolley Bus Line Runs Again Sept. 24-25

August 2016

Aug 26: Kansas City PCC 1056 Back at Muni

Aug 23: On the Road Again

Aug 19: 2017 Calendar Now on Sale!

Aug 6: Heritage Weekend Details Emerging

July 2016

Jul 30: Where the Streetcars Used To Go

Jul 20: Support for Fort Mason Extension

Jul 10: Reincarnation in PCC Cities

June 2016

Jun 28: Celebrate 99 Years of the J-Church July 10

Jun 15: First Videos of "White Front" Powell Cable Car 12

Jun 15: "White Front" Cable Car Returns

Jun 7: "Streetcar San Francisco" July 20

May 2016

May 23: Celebrating New Buses

May 14: Take a Trolley Tour on the Last PCC May 22

May 7: Say Hey! Say Willie!

April 2016

Apr 26: E-line NextBus Map Working!

Apr 23: Buses Back on the F as E Starts Daily Service

Apr 18: 110 Years Ago: Earthquake Ends the Cable Era

Apr 3: Herb Caen: A Centennial to Celebrate

March 2016

Mar 19: Second Century for C-1

Mar 14: Sutro Baths' 120th Anniversary

Mar 6: Hyde at 125

Mar 3: Join Us at San Francisco History Days

February 2016

Feb 28: "Super Bust 50"

Feb 25: Muni Heritage Weekend September 24-25

Feb 14: E is NOT for Excellent This Weekend

Feb 10: F-line Streetcars Back On Market. For One Day. Maybe.

Feb 8: Postgame Parade

January 2016

Jan 31: F-line, Our Museum Adapt to Super Bowl Week

Jan 22: Reminder: F-line Buses on Market Thru February 12

Jan 21: Hoodline Reports on Our Agenda

Jan 15: Van Ness H-line Poles Becoming History

Jan 8: Super Bowl Sidelines Streetcars This Weekend

December 2015

Dec 29: End of the Line, and an Era

Dec 28: Video Birthday Card

Dec 24: Spirit of the Season

Dec 13: Members' Day at the Museum Dec. 19: 20% Discount

Dec 10: Flop

Dec 7: 'Tis the Season!

November 2015

Nov 19: Wires, Yes. Super Bowl Week Streetcars, Still No.

Nov 17: Red Lanes on Powell Seem to Work

Nov 17: Backlash Against Removing F-line wires for Super Bowl

Nov 9: Switch to Cameron Beach Goes Smoothly

Nov 6: Fleet Heads Back to Cameron Beach Tonight!

Nov 4: Cable Cars Get Green Light on Lower Powell

October 2015

Oct 18: Happy 87th Birthday, N-Judah!

Oct 1: Sign Up Now for Two October Excursions

September 2015

Sep 27: Successful Heritage Weekend

Sep 22: Heritage Weekend: Be There

Sep 18: Boost for E-line Extension to Mission Bay, Dogpatch

Sep 13: K is for Kenosha

Sep 3: F-line Buses, No E-line Labor Day Weekend

Sep 1: F-line Turns 20

August 2015

Aug 26: Better Cable Car Safety

Aug 16: Great Video of 1992 Streetcar Centennial

Aug 12: Clearing Cars from Market Street

Aug 10: Still Space on Our August 22 & 23 Trolley Tours!

Aug 9: Photo of the (Past) Moment: 7-line Detour

Aug 2: E-line Gets Going

Aug 1: E-line Kickoff; Boat Tram Debuts

July 2015

Jul 29: New Boat at E-line Ceremony July 31

Jul 25: Three Trolley Tours in August. Sign Up Now!

Jul 22: Charlotte Trolley Collision

Jul 22: New Development Fee Could Benefit Streetcars

Jul 21: Driver Takes Stupid Pills

Jul 15: Great E-line Startup Piece in The Examiner

Jul 12: Great Photos in Chron's "Our SF"

Jul 3: E-line Opening Now August 1

Jul 1: Training for E-line Under Way

June 2015

Jun 26: Ride the Boat July 19 All the Way Out the J

Jun 16: E-Line Startup Looks Set for July 25

Jun 6: Third PCC Goes Into Rehab

May 2015

May 20: "Boat Tram" Trolley Tour June 6

May 18: GM Conspiracy to Kill Streetcars? Not By Itself

April 2015

Apr 22: Information NOT Gladly Given?

Apr 22: Super Bowl Party Kicks Out F-Line Streetcars

March 2015

Mar 30: Muni Heritage Weekend September 26-27

Mar 18: Sign Up For Our April Trolley Tours

Mar 10: Geary Car House, with Friends

Mar 5: Sunday Streets on The Embarcadero March 8

February 2015

Feb 20: 1915 Fair Celebration

Feb 15: Market Street Gets a Closeup

Feb 8: Market Street Past and Future February 19

Feb 6: Rain? Check Out Our Museum (and Big Sale!)

Feb 3: Party Like It's 1915!

January 2015

Jan 31: Double Play on 16th Street

Jan 17: Roof Job

Jan 17: Let It Snow (or At least Rain!)

December 2014

Dec 29: Centennial of the (Original) F-line

Dec 27: Happy 102nd Birthday, Muni!

Dec 24: Happy Holidays!

Dec 21: "The Mayoral Limo"

Dec 20: Cable Car Holiday Tradition

Dec 11: Now THAT'S a Storm!

Dec 7: Dressed for the Season

November 2014

Nov 30: 'Tis the Season

Nov 28: Special Sale at Our Museum

Nov 27: Gratitude: Big Picture and Closeup

Nov 27: Thanks for the Green!

Nov 25: Shiny Museum for Your Shopping Spree

Nov 16: Flagship Powell Cable Car Slips Into Service

Nov 10: Archival Prints Now at our Museum and Online

Nov 7: Taking "White" Literally

Nov 5: Streetcars Help Sell Prop. A

Nov 3: Muni Heritage Weekend a Huge Success

Nov 2: Great Heritage Saturday! Come Sunday!

October 2014

Oct 31: Member Reception/Muni Heritage Weekend Reminder

Oct 29: SFMTA Has a Great Blog Going

Oct 26: Historic Buses in Spotlight November 1-2

Oct 26: The Little Engine That Could!

Oct 21: Kansas City, Outta Here!

Oct 18: Muni Heritage Weekend November 1-2

Oct 17: New Website Platform Up and Running

September 2014

Sep 15: Happy 120th to the 14-Mission!

August 2014

Aug 3: Doug Wright, 1946-2014

July 2014

Jul 27: See "How Transit Built SF" Tuesday Night

Jul 26: No Streetcars on F-line This Weekend

Jul 23: Exploratorium Charter August 24

June 2014

Jun 30: Improving Our Website

Jun 18: F-line PCCs Move to Metro East on Friday

Jun 12: Muni Operator Shortage Hits F-line

Jun 5: Sickout Ends; F-line, Cable Cars Back

Jun 4: Sickout Day 3: No F-line on Market, No Cable Cars

Jun 3: Muni "Sickout" Continues, Crippling Service

Jun 2: Don't Try to Ride the F-line or cable cars June 2

May 2014

May 31: "San Francisco Repurposes Old for the Future"

May 28: Maya Angelou, SF Streetcar Conductor

May 27: Celebrating Dashiell Hammett's 120th Birthday

May 21: Tipple Your Way Along the F-line

May 13: Walgreen's Invents New Transit Vehicle

May 5: Photo of the (Past) Moment: Centenarian at Birth

April 2014

Apr 29: "The Streetcar Named Common Sense"

Apr 24: Streetcar History Talk at California Historical Society April 30

Apr 22: Warriors Arena in Mission Bay Boosts Importance of Extending the E-Line

Apr 21: Museum Closed through Wednesday, April 23

Apr 13: Telling a Great Story of 108 Years Ago

Apr 12: Special History Sale and Book Signing Today

Apr 5: New Streetcar Book Signing at Museum April 12

March 2014

Mar 30: E-Line Finally Budgeted...For 2016!

Mar 18: New Field Guide to SF's Historic Streetcars & Cable Cars

Mar 15: No F-Line Fare Increase

Mar 11: Opposition to F-Line Fare Increase Keeps Growing

Mar 3: Very Special Cable Car Rail Gifts

February 2014

Feb 28: On Donner!

Feb 25: The Castro Weighs in on Six Buck F-line Proposal

Feb 21: No Streetcars on the F Saturday, February 22

Feb 19: Opposition Streams In to Higher F-line Fare

Feb 17: $6 F-Line Fare an Option in New SFMTA Budget

Feb 16: The "Euro-PCC" is Back in Action.

Feb 11: On the Good Ship Lollipop

January 2014

Jan 31: Photo of the (Past) Moment: Ferry Heyday

Jan 21: Brussels 'Sprouts' in the (Premature) Spring

Jan 16: F-line Buses All This Weekend

Jan 12: Contribute to our 2015 Calendar!

Jan 10: F-line Switch Removal Saturday; Buses Substitute

Jan 4: No Way to Start Its Centennial Year!

December 2013

Dec 28: Happy 101st, Muni!

Dec 24: Santa on a Streetcar

Dec 22: Weekend Sail

Dec 10: Toy Train Layout?

November 2013

Nov 22: Hot Holiday Gift Ideas at Our Museum

Nov 17: Red Heritage

Nov 12: Building a better Market Street

Nov 7: Muni Heritage Weekend: Same Time Next Year!

Nov 1: Reminder: It's Muni Heritage Weekend

October 2013

Oct 31: Toot Toot!

Oct 30: New Boat Could Be on Display This Weekend

Oct 26: New Arrival

Oct 9: Comeback Kid ... at 99 Years Old

Oct 8: Trolley Dances Returns October 19-20

Oct 2: Muni Heritage Weekend Nov. 2-3

September 2013

Sep 18: Last Renovated PCC Back in Town

Sep 9: The Straggler May Finally Head Our Way

Sep 8: Ride the E-line Today

Sep 6: Private Bus Rear-ends PCC on Market

August 2013

Aug 26: Our E-line Vision Gaining Attention

Aug 19: Skipping Stops, Then and Now

Aug 3: Here's the E-line America's Cup Schedule

July 2013

Jul 28: Still Time to Join the Dallas PCC Charter Aug. 4

Jul 24: 2014 Streetcar Calendar Now Available!

Jul 18: Rare Streetcar Scenes in Upcoming Silent Movie Showing

Jul 7: On the Line: Hard Water

Jul 6: E-line Service Sunday, July 7

June 2013

Jun 23: Plain Jane on the Way to a Makeover

Jun 21: Learn How the F-line Started, At Our Museum

Jun 17: Still Room on Sunday's Vintage Streetcar Excursion!

Jun 2: Mid-Market Comeback

May 2013

May 18: Maya Angelou and Market Street Railway

May 14: Sneak Peek at a Special Streetcar

May 1: Sign Up for a Sail...Or Other Excursions

March 2013

Mar 22: Milestone for Fort Mason Streetcar Extension

Mar 18: "Streetcar Artist" Retires

Mar 13: Shuttle Diplomacy?

Mar 11: Sunday Street(car)s!

Mar 9: Photo of the Moment: Less Darkness, More Daylight

Mar 1: Visit Us This Weekend at the SF History Expo

February 2013

Feb 23: Photo of the Moment: Down Under the Bridge

Feb 18: Still Time to Gain Fame as a Calendar Contributor

Feb 8: Another Vision for the E-line

January 2013

Jan 31: Can We Extend the Jinx?

Jan 31: Getting to the Root of It

Jan 21: Muni's First Schedule, From Our Archives

Jan 17: "Gliding Beauty" Rejoins Muni's Streetcar Fleet

Jan 10: Happy 150th, London Underground!

Jan 3: Here's to an Historic 2013!

December 2012

Dec 27: "Debut" of Muni's Oldest Bus for Centennial Day

Dec 23: Celebrating Muni's Big Day December 28

Dec 19: A Trip to the Boneyard!

Dec 18: Picture Your Child and Santa Right Here!

Dec 15: Photo of the (Past) Moment: What Could Have Been

Dec 12: Muni Past and Present on KQED-FM

Dec 11: San Francisco, in Color, in the 1940s

Dec 10: Photo of the Moment: Great Day on The Bay

Dec 7: Photo Talk Saturday, December 8

Dec 5: Exclusive PCC Model at our Museum Shop

November 2012

Nov 29: Great Muni Photographers Open Show

Nov 28: Last 1070-Class Streetcar Makes It Into Service

Nov 26: Photo of the Moment: Not a Streetcar, But...

Nov 22: Thankful for Our Muni Partnership

Nov 19: Photo of the (Past) Moment: Unforgettable

Nov 18: Celebrating Civic Activism - With a Cable Car

Nov 9: Singing Operators' Praises

Nov 8: F-line Photography Exhibit Opening

Nov 7: Could This Be Sunday's Extra Centennial Surprise?

Nov 4: A Great Vintage Day! Don't Miss Next Sunday!

Nov 3: Getting Ready for Centennial Celebrations

October 2012

Oct 26: Muni Centennial Vintage Service Nov. 4 & 11

Oct 24: Welcome, Detroit! Now Please Lose.

Oct 18: Come Hear About Muni's Early Years

Oct 14: The Boat is Back!

Oct 12: Great Streetcar (and Other) Photos on View This Weekend

Oct 9: "E for Effort" -- Hectic Weekend Taught Lessons

Oct 6: Car 1 on the F-line! Get Out and Ride!

September 2012

Sep 30: Come Ride the E-line Twin Torpedos (and Volunteer) Oct. 6-7

Sep 29: Muni Centennial Logo on a Mug and Sticker!

Sep 23: Photo of the Moment: Brandon Doran

Sep 19: Actual "Last Day" of Muni's First PCC Era

Sep 17: The Day the Streetcars (Almost) Died

Sep 16: Inside Muni's Streetcar Restoration Vendor

Sep 5: Photo of the Moment: From a 2013 Calendar Contributor

August 2012

Aug 28: Kudos for the E-line

Aug 25: E-line Weekend Features Debut of No. 1008

Aug 24: Cate Blanchett and Woody Allen Film on a Streetcar

Aug 16: Ride the E-line Streetcars August 25 and 26!

Aug 14: The 2013 Museums in Motion Calendar is Here!

Aug 13: Chron plays Catch Up on Market Street

Aug 8: San Francisco 1940 With Lots of Streetcars

Aug 3: Streetcar-Subaru Sandwich at First and Market

Aug 2: First Double-End PCC in Testing

July 2012

Jul 20: Streetcar Found at Lost Hills!

Jul 18: Keep an Eye Out on I-80 for a Streetcar

Jul 15: Streetcars needed for America's Cup now 16 months late

Jul 4: Grand Old Flags...All of Them!

Jul 3: All-Door Boarding on All Muni Vehicles

June 2012

Jun 21: Do We Want Fewer F-Line Stops on Market?

Jun 19: "Seattle's Classic Waterfront Streetcars Stuck at Dead End"

Jun 17: More Business for the F-line

Jun 13: Mid-Market Madness, Continued

Jun 13: Muni Maintenance Woes Make Headlines

Jun 11: New Video Highlights First Muni PCC Era

Jun 11: Accident Highlights Market Street Challenges

Jun 4: Remembering Art Michel, 1927-2012

Jun 3: Big Red Cars -- Beyond Disney

Jun 1: What Does "On Time" Mean For the F-line?

May 2012

May 30: On the Job at Age 96!

May 24: Seattle: Envious of The Embarcadero

May 15: Photo of the [Past] Moment: Thanks, Mom!

May 14: Photo of the Moment: M&M

April 2012

Apr 30: Or, How About "Step Down to Open"?

Apr 27: Happy 120th Birthday, SF Streetcars

Apr 5: Muni Centennial Officially Under Way

March 2012

Mar 31: This Just In: Muni Used To Be Faster!

Mar 31: Spring Training

Mar 22: Muni Announces Car 1 Ceremony

Mar 17: "Ruby Slippers" Dances along the F-line Again

Mar 15: Viva El Tranvia de Mexico!

Mar 14: Carl Nolte: The Only One Who Does What He Does

Mar 12: "Last PCC" Back in Business!

Mar 8: Disney Makes Big Red Car Little

Mar 7: Would You Freshen My Shirley Temple, Please?

February 2012

Feb 29: Cheating Muni -- in 1916!

Feb 23: Mustn't Miss Display at Our Museum - and On Market St.

Feb 12: Photo of the (Past) Moment: Deja Vu, Chronicle?

Feb 6: Reminder of Our Roots, from Down the Coast

Feb 2: The C-line is back!

January 2012

Jan 31: When We Actually Built Our Own Transportation

Jan 19: Photo of the Moment: Ride and Relax in the Rain

Jan 16: Flood of New Faces on the F-line

Jan 11: Third Rewired PCC on the Street

Jan 10: San Francisco's Past on Tap in Two Unique Ways

Jan 4: Second Rewired PCC Accepted by Muni

December 2011

Dec 28: Muni Begins Its Centennial Year

Dec 27: Photos Wanted For Our 2013 Calendar

Dec 24: Photo of the (Past) Moment: Christmas 1944

Dec 24: Museum Closed Until January 3, 2012

Dec 22: Hope We Don't Have to Return This Present

Dec 21: Looking a Lot Like Christmas

Dec 16: Car 1040: Newest All Over Again

Dec 13: "Big Red Car" Back on Track

Dec 10: Photo of the Moment: Tracking Testing and Training

Dec 8: Sutro's For the Holidays!

Dec 6: Photo of the (Past) Moment: Hey, Santa, Where's Your Nickel?

Dec 1: Muni Centennial Book Signing This Sunday

November 2011

Nov 30: Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingling

Nov 29: Photo of the Moment: Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Nov 28: From Russia, With Ink

Nov 24: Photos of the Moment: A Different View

Nov 17: Photo of the Moment: All-Inclusive Cruise

Nov 11: Trains in the Plane Place

Nov 9: Congratulations, Mayor Lee!

Nov 6: Thank You, SPUR!

Nov 4: Superhero Streetcars?

Nov 2: Safe From the Weather At Last

October 2011

Oct 26: Call Me Ishmael

Oct 25: Honoring Cam Beach

Oct 24: A Most Fitting Tribute

Oct 22: More F-line Service. But More Streetcars?

September 2011

Sep 26: Ahoy! Sail the F-line in Style on October 23

Sep 16: Taking Artistic License - With the Facts

August 2011

Aug 29: A Great Book You'll Want to Own - or Give!

Aug 26: Hats Off to a Fabulous Photo Website

Aug 26: Bus Museum Open House on Sunday

Aug 22: How NOT To Make Friends For your Transit Product

Aug 20: A Brighter "Bumblebee"

Aug 19: Congratulations, San Diego!

Aug 14: Welcome, Ed Reiskin!

Aug 8: The 5 Returns to its Historic Route

Aug 7: Calling Melbourne. Come in, Melbourne!

July 2011

Jul 31: 2012 Muni Centennial Calendar Now At Museum

Jul 28: Toothpick Cable Car -- and City

Jul 24: Christmas in July?

Jul 12: First Rewired PCC Starts Carrying Passengers

Jul 7: Market Street 1906: A Repeat Visit by 60 Minutes on Sunday

Jul 4: Awesome Muni Streetcar-Cable Car Simulator (Ja!)

June 2011

Jun 30: Ouch. Another Buck For a Cable Car

Jun 28: Dubious Tribute, Coming and Going

Jun 25: "I'm Ugly Now, But Just Wait..."

Jun 15: How Cool Is This? Live F-line Map Shows Cars

Jun 13: Streetcars on Bernal Heights: Wednesday Talk

Jun 9: Postcards from the Edge (of the F-line)

Jun 7: More Auto Restrictions on Market Street?

May 2011

May 30: Sunday Sightings

May 28: San Diego Streetcar Dream Closer to Reality

May 28: Reenvisioning Market Street

May 16: Rollin' on the River

May 5: Just a Few Seats Left for Trolley Tour May 22

April 2011

Apr 24: Philip Hoffman: An Historic Loss

Apr 21: Muni Honors Cam Beach

Apr 16: Great Photo Archive Starts Coming Online

Apr 14: Market Street Movie, Shot 105 Years Ago Today

Apr 9: Photo of the Moment: The Streak

Apr 5: Cargo Streetcar

March 2011

Mar 31: America's Cup Plan Includes E-line Service, Mentions Fort Mason Extension

Mar 29: Exclusive Narrated Streetcar Tour May 22

Mar 27: This Week: Evening Buses on the F-line

Mar 26: Photo of the (Past) Moment: Not a Streetcar, But...

Mar 26: Cam Beach, Remembered

Mar 19: Cameron Beach, 1949-2011

Mar 18: Fort Mason Streetcar a Step Closer

Mar 16: Photo of the (Past) Moment: 70-line to the Ball Park?

February 2011

Feb 24: Testing. Testing.

Feb 22: Back From the Hack -- Asking Your Patience!

Feb 7: SPUR Backs Fast Action on Fort Mason Streetcar Extension

Feb 2: San Francisco History Expo February 12-13!

January 2011

Jan 28: Photo of the (Past) Moment: Steamed Up at Castro

Jan 25: Call for 2012 Calendar Photos

Jan 23: Photo of the (Past) Moment: Circus on Market!

Jan 12: Pier 70: Even More Reason to Take the E-line There

December 2010

Dec 31: Happy New Year from (Glub) Down Under

Dec 27: Happy 98th Birthday, Muni! And for your present...

Dec 20: Do Not Open Until (Just After) Christmas!

Dec 19: A Powell Promenade!

Dec 18: First Run of 1071

Dec 11: Chicago's "Green Hornet" Livery Coming to the F-line

Dec 4: Going Out With Style on California Street

Dec 3: RIP Transbay Terminal Streetcar Hump

Dec 2: It's Official: Geneva Canopy Dedicated

November 2010

Nov 27: Two Streetcars Get Dressed for the Holidays

Nov 22: A Salute to the China Clipper!

Nov 20: First Rewired PCC Back Home; Another Leaves

Nov 13: O'Shaughnessy's Map Now Available at the Museum

Nov 1: Waiting Since 1958: Giants' Bus Finally Comes

October 2010

Oct 30: Market Street Railway x Dress-Lace Inc Mini Lace Dress

Oct 29: Come Out of the Rain!

Oct 28: The Giants-Cleveland-F line Connection

Oct 23: Muni Promotes F-line at SFO

Oct 16: The Best Version of the Market Street Film Profiled on 60 Minutes

Oct 16: It's Here! MSR's 2011 Museums In Motion Calendar

Oct 14: 60 Minutes and 104 years

Oct 11: Autumn in San Francisco: Sunshine and Streetcars

Oct 7: 7 Come 11

Oct 5: Visualize This: Modern Streetcar Service in Downtown Los Angeles

Oct 2: Another Milan "Mellow Yellow" on the Street

September 2010

Sep 29: Inside the Mint!

Sep 29: Volunteers Urgently Needed (Sunday 10/3)

Sep 26: 175 Years of Rail on St. Charles Avenue

Sep 24: City Guides Streetcar History Tour (Oct 31)

Sep 21: Castro Street Fair Volunteers Needed (Sunday 10/3)

Sep 1: F is for Fifteen: Happy Birthday, F-line!

August 2010

Aug 30: Pier 70 Development: Streetcars Included?

Aug 26: Snug as a Bug in a Rug

Aug 22: Back to Milan's Past for the Future

Aug 21: The "N" is Near!

Aug 20: Information Gladly Given, Period.

Aug 12: Meet Me in St. Louis...

Aug 10: "Parting Thoughts:" The Final Act at the Transbay Terminal

July 2010

Jul 28: Photo of the Month: Upon Reflection

Jul 27: Last Tour at Transbay Terminal

Jul 22: Storage & Link: Tale of Two Photographers

Jul 20: The Original BART Logo

Jul 13: Speaking of Miniatures...

Jul 12: F-line Milan Tram in Miniature

Jul 10: Third Street Memories

Jul 4: America 234, Market Street Rail 150

Jul 3: Muni Service Expansion Planned for September

June 2010

Jun 29: Out with the Old, In with Clipper

Jun 26: Castro and Market, Then and Now

Jun 24: Now Boarding, the F-Express

Jun 17: Gimme Shelter!

Jun 14: "The Clangor of their Coming and Going..."

Jun 12: The Future of Fisherman's Wharf

Jun 10: Market Street Traffic Trials Prove Successful

Jun 8: Historic Streetcar No. 1051 in Noe Valley

May 2010

May 30: Memorial Day Tradition: Streetcar to the Cemeteries

May 27: Meet the Mayor of the F Line Streetcars

May 27: What a Difference a Week Makes!

May 22: Third & Market, 70 years ago

May 20: 21st Century Barn Raising

May 19: Harvey Milk Day Volunteers Needed

May 19: Coming to Grips

May 12: Bike to Work Day

May 8: What Muni's Service Cuts Mean for the F-Market & Wharves Line

May 7: 10% Less Muni Service Starts Tomorrow

May 5: Remembering The Loop, As It Was in 1930

May 4: The LA Times Finds Streetcar Magic in San Francisco

April 2010

Apr 28: Fort Mason Streetcar Extension: Questions Answered

Apr 28: More PCC Streetcars Leave for Restoration

Apr 27: Photo of the Month: Heading in Opposite Directions

Apr 20: 10% Muni Service Cuts Take Effect on May 8, 2010

Apr 5: Truth about the "Trip Down Market Street" video on You Tube

March 2010

Mar 31: Lost Streetcars of San Francisco, Now Lost in Missouri

Mar 25: Empirical Data Proves the Intangible Benefits of Vintage Streetcar Service

Mar 23: Video: How to Replace a Streetcar Railbed (In 56 Hours)

Mar 22: Last Call for 2011 Calendar Photo Submissions

Mar 9: Sunday Streets Returns to the Waterfront this Sunday

Mar 5: That's One Long Streetcar Ride!

Mar 2: Photo of the Month: Ten Years of Wharf Service

February 2010

Feb 27: SFMTA Board Votes for 10% Muni Service Cut, Increased Fares

Feb 26: Streetsblog SF Liveblogging SFMTA Board Meeting

Feb 24: SFMTA Board to Vote on Muni Service Cuts and Fare Hikes this Friday

Feb 18: "Human Error" Most Likely Reason LRV Rear-Ended Milan Tram

Feb 18: LRV Rear-Ends Milan Tram, 3 Hurt

Feb 9: First "Torpedo" Off to Rehab

January 2010

Jan 29: Calling for 2011 Calendar Submissions

Jan 28: NO Fare Increase for F-line

Jan 25: Bettering San Francisco's Market Street

Jan 22: Woody LaBounty and San Francisco's Carville-by-the-Sea

Jan 19: $5 for an F-line Ride? Open Letter to Nat Ford

Jan 18: Remembering Harold Geissenheimer

Jan 15: It's Baaaack! Five Bucks for an F-line Ride?!?

Jan 14: Great Video of the "Not-So-Good Old Days" on Market Street

Jan 13: The Not-So-Good Old Days

Jan 11: Viewing San Francisco Streetcars with Foreign Eyes

Jan 5: Milan, San Francisco

Jan 3: Meet the author of "Carville-by-the-Sea" Jan. 23

December 2009

Dec 24: White Christmas, Streetcar-style!

Dec 18: Don't Forget: Special Family & Member Weekend at the San Francisco Railway Museum

Dec 15: Paint Schemes Selected for "New" PCC Streetcars

Dec 5: Historic PCC No. 1040 Leaves for Restoration

Dec 4: Muni Service Changes on December 5, 2009

Dec 2: Family and Member Days at the Museum Dec. 19-20

November 2009

Nov 25: Some Things to be Thankful For

Nov 22: The Past is the Present in San Francisco

Nov 19: SF Board of Supervisors Hearing On Muni Crime

Nov 18: First PCC Streetcar Leaves for Rehab

Nov 4: Happy Centennial, Cliff House!

Nov 1: Muni Buying Cable Car Artifacts at Museum

October 2009

Oct 30: Photo of the Moment

Oct 28: F-line Defenders Say "Leave Our Streetcars on Market Street"

Oct 28: Ex-Newark PCC Streetcars Proliferating on F-line

Oct 27: Mayor Wants Muni Off Market Street?

Oct 14: Capital Addition to the Active F-Line Fleet

Oct 9: Free F-line Service This Weekend for Fleet Week

Oct 7: Second Melbourne Tram Joins San Francisco's F-line Historic Streetcar Fleet

Oct 6: New Melbourne Tram Dedication October 7

September 2009

Sep 30: Promising Start to Market Street Traffic Trials

Sep 28: Better Market Street Program Begins

Sep 25: Painting Torpedoes (Part 5: Something Completely Different)

Sep 22: Painting Torpedoes (Part 4: San Francisco)

Sep 21: What We Do and What We Don't Do

Sep 18: Painting Torpedoes (Part 3: Pacific Electric)

Sep 17: Down Under No More, Second Melbourne Tram Arrives

Sep 15: Painting Torpedoes (Part 2: Boston, Massachusetts)

Sep 12: Painting Torpedoes (Part 1: Dallas, Texas)

Sep 10: Market Street Pilot Program Great for F-line

Sep 9: Happy Third Anniversary to Our Museum!

Sep 3: Shaping San Francisco

Sep 2: San Francisco by Cable Car

August 2009

Aug 29: Sunset in the Sunset

Aug 20: The 2010 Calendar is Here!

Aug 18: Streetcar Restoration Passes Board of Supervisors!

Aug 12: Almost There On Streetcar Restoration

Aug 9: PCC Streetcar Restoration Contract Has One More Step

Aug 9: Second Melbourne Tram En Route

Aug 5: Nat Ford discusses Muni safety on KQED's Forum

Aug 3: F-line accident at Noe Street

July 2009

Jul 30: The Key System's March of Progress

Jul 18: Streetcar No. 1 Restoration Underway

Jul 15: 2010 Museums in Motion Calendar Preview

Jul 14: Castro's Trial Plaza Extended Four Months

Jul 13: Back to the Future?

Jul 13: A Wish Come True

Jul 7: Award Winning Photography

June 2009

Jun 30: Short Film About the 17th Street Plaza

Jun 29: News Muni Fares Take Effect Wednesday

Jun 28: Harvey Milk Remembered

Jun 23: Cable Car No. 15 Makes its Debut

Jun 22: New Cable Car Rolls Out Today

Jun 20: Reunifying the Wharf, Extending the F-line to Fort Mason

Jun 13: Streetcars Get A New Life in San Diego

Jun 4: Sponsored Streetcars?

May 2009

May 22: Behind the scenes with 'Barack'

May 14: 17th Street Plaza: Open for Business

May 13: 17th Street Pedestrian Plaza Opens Today

May 6: Streetcar No. 1's Last Run (...for awhile)

April 2009

Apr 29: Nice Topper New Orleans!

Apr 22: E-Embarcadero "On the Waterfront" this Sunday

Apr 15: Never Let the Facts...

Apr 11: Car No. 1 Renovation Contract Awarded

Apr 6: Muni Budget Trauma

March 2009

Mar 22: Nolte Nails It

Mar 20: Take Me Out...

Mar 13: $2.50 for an F-line ride?

Mar 11: Who Needs to Fly?

Mar 2: Just DUCK-y

February 2009

Feb 26: Clearing a Path on Market Street?

Feb 6: MSR Annual Meeting March 10

Feb 5: Monsters vs. Milan Tram

January 2009

Jan 30: What Have We Learned: Operations

Jan 28: Next Stop: Mission Rock

Jan 27: Meet Me in St. Louis

Jan 24: Tales from the Grip: 'Rookie bites'

Jan 22: Next year's calendar

Jan 21: The Ballad of an F-line Trip

Jan 20: Milano Nocturne

Jan 17: G'Day! Melbourne Tram Returns to Service

Jan 15: Goodbye, Columbus!

November 2008

Nov 22: New Orleans "Desire" streetcar No. 952 crosses Golden Gate Bridge!

Nov 21: End of the Line, 1955

Nov 19: Foot of Market's Future

Nov 19: Philly's Ghost Line

Nov 1: Evocative Cal Cable Book Worth a Read

October 2008

Oct 29: Muni Streetcar No. 1051 Dedicated to Supervisor Harvey Milk

Oct 25: Streetcar to be Dedicated to Harvey Milk on Tuesday

Oct 22: Loss of a Young Friend

Oct 22: Muni Derailed by Wall Street?

Oct 22: The End of the Innocence: Market Street, 1957

Oct 7: Cable Car to Castro

Oct 3: See the 'Dinky' Streetcar at Castro Street Fair

Oct 1: Cable Cars Get Their Due

September 2008

Sep 25: What Might Have Been

Sep 22: What Might Have Been: Geary

Sep 17: Streetcar Rebuilding Proposals Delayed

Sep 15: Important Muni Meeting Tuesday

Sep 15: E for Excellent, Embarcadero Streetcar Line Proves Popular

Sep 11: Iron Monster to Run Sunday on the E-line

Sep 7: PCC Streetcar Makes a Cameo in Harvey Milk Movie

Sep 5: Ride the E-Embarcadero Line to South Beach

Sep 5: Special Delivery

Sep 2: Great History Lessons a Click Away

Sep 2: Seeing Red Again on Powell Street

Sep 2: Accident Car Back in Service Already

Sep 1: California Street Cable Car Extension?

August 2008

Aug 31: E-Embarcadero Demonstration Shows Promise

Aug 28: E-Embarcadero Line Service for Sunday Streets

Aug 26: Fast Pass Project Update

Aug 25: Streetcar No. 162: Tested Tough!

Aug 22: Downtowns Across the U.S. See Streetcars in Their Future

Aug 20: Photo of the Week: August 20, 2008

Aug 18: Museums In Motion 2009 Calendar

Aug 16: Saturday Mobs on the F-Market & Wharves

Aug 12: Ballad of the Hyde Street Grip

Aug 8: A Banner Day at the Museum

Aug 7: Driving Equality

Aug 5: Chron: "Streetcar driver was warned before crash"

Aug 5: Chron: F-line "too popular for own good"

Aug 4: Streetcar Accident on The Embarcadero

Aug 4: What Have We Learned?

Aug 3: E-line: Maybe Not 'Eventually'

Aug 2: Car No. 1 Out for Renovation Bids

Aug 2: Video of Muni, 1969

Aug 1: Sixteen PCCs Out for Renovation Bids

Aug 1: Finally, a Roof Over their Heads?

July 2008

Jul 30: Boat Made Shipshape

Jul 27: More Milan Color Coming

Jul 27: Back In Business!

Jul 23: 'Take Me Out'...At Our Museum

Jul 23: SFGate Video of Cable Car No. 25

Jul 21: 1980s Trolley Festivals paved way for F-Market streetcar line

Jul 21: Muni Workers Pose with No. 162

Jul 21: A Streetcar Named 'Desire' Returns to the F-Line

Jul 20: Loss of a Friend

Jul 20: Vintage Streetcar Artist

Jul 20: New Volunteers Needed!

Jul 20: A Salute to F-line Spirit

Jul 20: The Market Street Railway Blog

July 2007

Jul 1: Demise of a Dream

January 2007

Jan 15: Tales from the Grip: Rain, rain, go away...

May 2006

May 10: The Octopus Moves the Mail

December 2005

Dec 31: Tales from the Grip: A cable car Christmas tale

July 2005

Jul 1: Tales from the Grip: California, here I come

June 2005

Jun 15: Roaring Back!

January 2005

Jan 15: Tales from the Grip: When push comes to shove

Jan 10: "Fair, Please": Streetcars to the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition

December 2004

Dec 3: Disabled Citizens Help to Maintain Historical Trolleys

October 2004

Oct 15: Closer to Home

Oct 1: Back on Track

September 2004

Sep 21: Jack Smith: Remembered well

Sep 1: Tales from the Grip: "Central, we have a problem"

June 2004

Jun 30: The Market Street Railway Mural

April 2004

Apr 2: Tales from the Grip: Little Deuce Coupe

Apr 1: Tales from the Grip: Maybelle the cable car

November 2003

Nov 1: MSR Loses a Leader

October 2003

Oct 1: Tales from the Grip: The VIP

August 2003

Aug 1: History Comes Home

April 2003

Apr 15: Remembering a Trolley Titan

Apr 14: A Streetcar Named Undesirable

April 2002

Apr 15: Car No. 130 Dedicated to Herb Caen

April 2001

Apr 1: Streetcars and Parks: In San Francisco history, a controversial combination

December 2000

Dec 25: Santacade!

May 2000

May 10: We built this city