About Market Street Railway

Market Street Railway is an independent advocacy group with the mission of preserving historic transit in San Francisco. We also serve as the nonprofit preservation partner of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.  SFMTA is the city agency that owns and operates San Francisco’s transit system, known as Muni, which includes the city’s historic streetcars and cable cars.

While we support Muni’s historic transit activities, we are not part of Muni and we receive no government money whatsoever.

Instead, we rely on membership dues and private donations to help keep San Francisco’s past present in the future by serving as an effective independent advocate for the famed historic streetcars that operate on the F-line and E-line, and the national landmark cable cars. These irreplaceable historic vehicles carry almost 50,000 riders per day.

Learn about our Projects & Programs »

We are involved in many projects and programs to improve and expand the operation of San Francisco’s historic streetcars and cable cars and tell their fascinating stories.

History of Market Street Railway »

Our name is one of the most famous in San Francisco history — for the companies that used it long before we came into existence in 1976. The history of our name is in many ways a history of transit in San Francisco.

Volunteer »

We are proud to be a volunteer-based organization. The passion of our committed and involved members has made all the difference in achieving our goal of preserving historic transit in San Francisco. We welcome new volunteers, who find that if they have a passion for a particular project and are willing to do what it takes to get it done, our organization provides a supportive, enjoyable environment for them.

If you would like more information about Market Street Railway or have questions about our organization, the best way to contact us is by email at info@streetcar.org, You can also call (415) 956-0472 and leave a message for us.

Board of Directors

  • Carmen Clark (Chair)
  • Antone Sabella (Vice Chair)
  • George Pleasant (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Chris Arvin
  • Art Curtis
  • Ian Dailey
  • Ron Fisher
  • James Giraudo
  • Katie Haverkamp
  • Will Flynn
  • Paul Lucas
  • Paul Wells

President and CEO

  • Rick Laubscher

Advisory Council

  • Bruce Agid
  • Alessandro Baccari
  • A. Lee Blitch
  • Louis Briasco
  • Kevin Carroll
  • Jim Chappell
  • Chip Conley
  • Tom Creedon
  • Joe D’Alessandro
  • Oz Erickson
  • Rodney Fong
  • Anne Halsted
  • Rich Hillis
  • Leslie Katz
  • Katy Liddell
  • Feysan Jefferson Lodde
  • David Perry
  • Sharyn Saslafsky
  • Leslie Tang Schilling