On the Road Again

IMG_2221This just in…the first of 16 PCCs to be rebuilt under the current contract with Brookville Equipment Corporation is on the road back to San Francisco. Muni Car 1056, painted to honor Kansas City, has been thoroughly renovated and is on the road toward California right now. The shot above is the car leaving the Brookville facility in Pennsylvania.

Car 1056 had been out of service the past few years because of a cracked bolster (the piece under the body that sits on top of and connects to the trucks (wheel sets and motors). That critical piece must be expertly repaired or replaced to ensure the long-term operation of the restored car. It is one of the areas Muni will look at very closely before accepting the car and returning it to service. As Car 1056 was generally considered to be in the worst condition of the original F-line fleet covered by the current contract, it was sent first. Thus, Muni’s team will watch closely to make sure the car has truly gone from worst to first.

Logos and car numbers will be applied by Muni’s maintenance team after arrival. The car must be “run in” — tested extensively before acceptance — which requires 1,000 miles of service. That usually takes place on the outer ends of the J, K, and L lines.

We’ll let you know when the car has arrived at Muni Metro East! And we’ll have the inside story of the car’s rebirth and a full update on the Brookville contract in the next issue of our exclusive member newsletter, Inside Track, due out in early September.  Join Market Street Railway today so you don’t miss it.


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  1. Fabulous news. As always Brookville did a fabulous job on 1056. Please out interior shots in the news letter as well. I can’t wait to get it. Thanks for the special report. I was sleepy but, now I am wide awake.?

  2. That’s great news! Hopefully the other SEPTA trolleys get their turns soon, as well as 1007, 1010 and 1015. I also hope within the next few years(if any federal funding $ or grants, say, come Muni’s way) that trolleys such as 798, 162, 106, 151, 3557, 351, along with the rest of the antique international trolleys, plus some unrestored PCCs go to Brookeville as well. Both the E and F lines would reap huge benefits if that happens.

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