10-Year Profile Picture Challenge

Posting old and current profile photos side by side has been the rage on Facebook of late, so we thought we’d post our own…just one of dozens of comparisons we could make that show just how wonderful Muni’s restoration of historic streetcars is.

This car, 1009, admittedly needed more “plastic surgery” than most others. The photo from 10 years ago shows it ripped (not the good muscle kind, either) and slathered in blue protective paint after sitting out of service for almost 30 years. But because it is a rare double-end PCC that can operate on lines such as the E-Embarcadero, where single-end cars can’t use the current southern terminal, Muni made the investment in restoration. Brookville Equipment Corporation of Pennsylvania did the work, as they have with all of Muni’s PCCs restored so far, and paid close attention to detail.

In keeping with the practice of the historic fleet, it was painted in the eye-popping red and cream of Dallas Terminal & Railway, which operated double-end PCCs in this livery after World War II.

Not many “facelifts” come out this well…and not many can say how much younger their photos look today than 10 years ago.

This is a big reason Market Street Railway exists. Our advocacy helped keep this streetcar from being scrapped decades ago, and helped get it selected for restoration 10 years ago. Your support makes us able to do things like this. Click here to help us. Thanks.

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Still Time to Join the Dallas PCC Charter Aug. 4

Perhaps the most remarkable renovation performed on any of the F-line streetcars is the one given to No. 1009. Here’s the before photo:


Interior of PCC No. 1009, vandalized and burned by homeless, leaving San Francisco for restoration, 2010.

Though the car had been badly vandalized while in storage, its capacity (one of the largest streetcars in the fleet) and its ability to operate from either end made it worth restoring. Now it’s back, painted in tribute to Dallas Terminal & Railway, which called its double-end PCCs “gliding beauties.” And now you can glide around town on a special excursion on No. 1009 Sunday, August 4, leaving our San Francisco Railway Museum at 1:30 p.m.

1009 cropped Mission Steuart 031313 RL.JPG

Restored PCC No. 1009 at Mission and Steuart. Rick Laubscher photo. Click to enlarge both photos.

There’s still room on this special charter. You can sign up here. While you’re there, check out upcoming charters on the popular Blackpool boat tram and Muni’s famous Car No. 1 later this year.

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