Kansas City, Outta Here!

1056 ex-MME to Brookville 102014No, we’re not prematurely claiming a World Series victory (though we’re predicting one, of course). We just found it interesting that just as the Giants are about to engage the Kansas City Royals in the 2014 World Series, Muni’s streetcar that honors KC up and leaves town.

PCC No. 1056, which had been painted in a tribute livery to Kansas City, has actually been out of service for a few years now with a cracked bolster (a big metal fitting that connects the car body to the truck (wheel set) underneath the car. (Muni’s shops had started renewing the cream and black Kansas City livery when the damage was discovered, halting the painting midway.

The KC car is the first of 16 Muni PCCs to head east to Brookville Equipment Company in Pennsylvania for a full rebuilding. These 16 cars comprised the original F-line fleet that opened the line in 1995. They’ve had almost 20 years of higher-than-expected use (more than double the original ridership estimates) and need the work.

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Meanwhile, Go Giants! The next time we hear “Outta Here,” we want it to be Kuip’s Giants’ home run call!


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