What a Difference a Week Makes!

Geneva Canopy 052610.jpg
Even with the unseasonal rain we’re having, the long-awaited historic streetcar protective canopy is going up in a hurry out at Muni’s Geneva Division. The main frame is almost done, just one week after the first steel was erected. It will be fully paneled on the rear and sides to protect the vintage streetcars from the elements when they’re not in service. The front will be open to facilitate streetcar moves (the building has its back to the prevailing winds, so the open front shouldn’t be a problem. Doors would have added considerable costs). Completion date remains October.


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  1. Well its about time1 Those PCCs are all over 50 years old and deserve to have a weather proof shelter to preserve them.
    does anybody know when the MUNI 1 will be back from the re-building in New York?
    The sub-contracted with the Seashore trolley Museum in Maine to do the rattan seats for the car. Neat!
    Ted Miles

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