The Giants-Cleveland-F line Connection

1075-from Curbed Flickr pool.jpgOur friends at Curbed SF posted this photo as part of their Giants’ coverage. No doubt because of the orange and cream livery.  Doubt they know that F-line PCC No. 1075 actually pays tribute to Cleveland Transit System! 

Wait, there’s actually a connection, though.  Cleveland Transit System’s streetcars were painted in this livery in 1948, the last time the Indians won the World Series (one of only two teams with a longer championship drought than the Giants (the Chicago Cubs are even more hapless) . 

And it was in 1954 that Cleveland Transit System’s last streetcars stopped running, the same year that the Giants last won the World Series, beating — the Cleveland Indians!  (But streetcars in Cleveland continued rolling on the suburban Shaker Heights line, with PCCs giving way to LRVs in 1983.)

(The baseball futility scoreboard – most years since last World Series win: Giants 56; Indians 62; Cubs, 102 and counting!)

And yes, Muni has a PCC honoring Chicago too.  We’ll share a surprise about that one next week.