Come Out of the Rain!

130_351 inside Geneva 102910.jpgThe long-awaited shed at Geneva Division is covering its first streetcars tonight. Vulnerable canvas-roofed streetcars including 1914 Muni No. 130 and 1926 Johnstown, PA No. 351 (left) were joined by venerable 1916 work car No. C-1 in taking shelter under the new canopy structure, after the 600 volt overhead wires were activated today. Regular F-line revenue streetcars, including PCCs, Milan trams, and older vintage cars, are pulling into the shed tonight.

Market Street Railway is working with Muni to schedule a formal dedication of the facility, which our organization has advocated for more than a dozen years, helping Muni arrange funding from the San Francisco Municipal Railway Improvement Corporation (SFMRIC), among other sources.

What a warm sight on a rainy night!  Congratulations to all at Muni who have supported this effort.


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  1. This is an exciting milestone indeed!
    Sure miss seeing #130 out and running about though. What kind of repairs is it currently receiving? Hope it’ll be back in service soon…

  2. In a word, Hallelujah! Now Muni 1 will have a proper home when she comes back from her makeover.

  3. Great news!! Glad to see it and the cars in it!! Have to say: “It’s about time!!” Thanks to everyone who got it done!!

  4. After reading the blog link in Mr. Garnes’ comment. I have to agree with him: Dedicate this new building to Mr. Jack Smith!!

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