That’s One Long Streetcar Ride!

1080_I80_Park City UT_030410_Todd Lappin.jpg

MSR Board member Todd Lappin got a shock this morning near Park City, Utah on a ski trip, when he came across this sight on Interstate 80. It’s Muni PCC No. 1080, painted in Los Angeles Transit Lines livery, bound for Brookville, Pennsylvania, and a complete rewiring under Muni’s contract with Brookville Equipment. It’s the fourth of 16 PCCs to head for Brookville under the contract.
By the way, No. 1080 is signed “E-Embarcadero/Pier 39.” Uh, you shoulda taken the 4th Street exit from 80, driver…


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  1. Hard to muster any comment aside from … OMG! I cannot imagine the joy and hilarity of being so far from SF and seeing an F-Market car piggybacking on a trailer. I also can’t help but imagine the thrill of getting the photo. I see it going down something like, “Holy crap! It’s a PCC! No, no, don’t get right beside it — it’s too big for the frame. Yeah, right about there. Got it!” Thanks for this!

  2. I imagine that there were quite a few double takes along the route, given the near pristine condition of the car, as rail fans who’d passed or been passed by the semi met it at various pit stops along the way. Of course, there’s also the idea of all the folks along the road who’ve seen other cars, in states of advanced decay though show-room-new condition, pass along the road, and all of them wondering just what sort of transit system exists in San Francisco.

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