Cool backdrops let you Zoom into history

The Zoom app, an obscure business conferencing tool just a few months ago, is suddenly the star and salvation of the shut-down world, with millions of people jumping on to videochat with friends and family. Zoom offers the option of putting an electronic backdrop behind you, and offers some stock scenics. But you can also upload your own, which gave the archives and communications staffs at SFMTA a great idea. We love it!

There are samples above and below. Here’s the link to their blog post, where you can download eight different backgrounds. And here’s a link on how to upload these to Zoom and use them in your video calls. When you use these on Zoom, it makes you look like a TV anchorperson. Great conversation starter.

Even if you’ve never heard of Zoom, these are still cool to look at. Thanks for the SFMTA folks for keeping history visible, even when it’s off the streets.

Here’s the link again to SFMTA’s post with all the images.

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