Historic Streetcars in San Francisco

No. 162

San Francisco Municipal Railway (1950s)

Built 1914 • Under Repair


162 - San Francisco Municipal Railway (1950s)

1914 Muni streetcar 162 turns from Market onto Noe Street. Wayne Worden photo

This streetcar represents the last days of Muni’s original streetcar fleet. Streetcar No. 162 joined Muni’s fleet when automobiles were still a novelty, and was retired — the first time — in the days when automobiles ruled the country, tail fins and all.

162 in front of AT&T park162 in front of AT&T Park. Steve Ferarrio photo

No. 162 is painted in its last Muni livery, the Postwar ‘Wings’ introduced at the end of the 1940s and kept until the retirement of the car in 1958. Like its twin, preserved car No. 130 (in 1939 blue and gold livery), this car ran on virtually all of Muni’s streetcar lines, spending much time on the H-line along Van Ness and Potrero Avenues and through Fort Mason.

162-westportal-bob-mcvay.jpgNo. 162 at West Portal in the mid-1950s. Bob McVay photo from the Walter Rice collection

After its initial retirement, No. 162 spent 45 years at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Riverside County before being reacquired in 2003 by Market Street Railway and Muni.

Market Street Railway volunteers replaced the roof canvas and made a number of body repairs to the car. It then went to Muni’s shops in 2004, Muni crafts workers completed the restoration, including required safety and operational modifications, returning the car to regular service in 2008.

The large size and long-term reliability of No. 162 make it a workhorse of today’s historic fleet, and very popular with San Franciscans of the Boomer Generation who remember it from childhood.
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Built for Muni in Ohio by Jewett Car Company, part of same order as car No. 130.


Used in regular service on virtually every Muni streetcar line. Painted in all three Muni liveries used during its service life, including the green and cream “Wings” in the 1950s.


Retired from Muni service. Sold to Orange Empire Railway Museum in Southern California.


Repurchased by Market Street Railway and Muni and returned to San Francisco, where Market Street Railway volunteers began cosmetic restoration of the car, followed by further restoration by Muni crafts workers.


Car No. 162 re-enters passenger service in San Francisco, almost exactly 50 years after its initial retirement.


Car No. 162 damaged in accident on The Embarcadero; car sits for more than three years before repairs begin.


Repairs are completed by vendor, who damages the car’s trucks on return to San Francisco; reentry to service is delayed while trucks are being rebuilt by Muni shops.


Work continues on rebuilding Car 162’s trucks. Progress delayed by Covid staffing impacts.

162 - San Francisco Municipal Railway (1950s)Built For
San Francisco Municipal Railway, San Francisco CA, 1914
Jewett Car Co., Ohio
48,000 lb. (21,800 kg)
47′ 1″ (14.4m)
9′ 2″ (2.8m)
12′ 3″ (3.7m)
4 Westinghouse 532A
Westinghouse HL
Baldwin L-plate
Westinghouse SME Air