Second Rewired PCC Accepted by Muni

Muni has finished testing on the second of the rewired 1070-class of streamliner PCCs. No. 1079, honoring Detroit, started regular service on the F-line today.


PCC No. 1079, honoring the Detroit Department of Street Railways, turns the corner from Mission onto The Embarcadero during its first stint in F-line service in 2008. Frank Zepeda photo.

As regular readers know, these 11 streetcars were acquired from New Jersey Transit in 2004 after finishing a 50-year career Newark. After repainting and other modifications for Muni service, five of the 11 cars, including No. 1079, saw some service on the F-line until it was determined that their (original) wiring was just not holding up and needed to be replaced.
There have been problems with the reliability of the new door controls on these cars. The first car accepted, Twin City Rapid Transit No. 1071 (the original owner of these 11 cars, which sold them to Newark in 1953), went out of service for a couple of days in its first week, but has been on the line for several days in a row now.
The next streetcars likely to be accepted are No. 1078 (San Diego), No. 1080 (Los Angeles Transit Lines) and No. 1074 (Toronto), probably in that order. These three could all be in service within a few weeks.
The Muni project team wants to test these cars in the order they were received back from Brookville Equipment Company, the rebuilder. By that standard, Nos. 1070 (Newark livery), 1072 (Mexico City), and 1073 (El Paso-Juarez) would be the next cars to be put into acceptance testing.
Behind them would come Muni original No. 1040, which we reported on last month. It is now at Cameron Beach Yard.
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  1. Thanks for the update! For those of us following the progress from afar, this is good news. Presumably this will allow Brookville to concentrate on 1006, 1008, 1009 and 1011. Having seen 1009 in the “before” state, I really look forward to seeing it made whole again.

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