Photo of the Moment: Ride and Relax in the Rain

FINALLY some much needed rain today, and to greet it, the latest 1070-class streetcar to go into service following rewiring, with a little bonus.

1078--Jones-Jefferson 011912.JPG

PCC No. 1078 at the F-line Wharf terminal on its first day back carrying passengers, January 19, 2012. Click to enlarge.

PCC No. 1078 honors San Diego, whose original PCCs carried a special slogan above the windows: “Ride & Relax.” Their original PCCs did not have those little oval windows, called “standee windows” above the main windows, so on Muni’s tribute livery, the slogan was put on the lower panel of the door side instead, while other minor changes in the lettering were made to avoid confusion between historic San Diego transit routes and current Muni ones.
But when San Diego restored a PCC (ex-Muni, by the way) to run on their downtown San Diego Trolley loop with their modern LRVs last year, they found a way to fit the motto between the main windows and the standee windows. So, we did too, on the non-door side at least. Thanks to a contribution from one of our members and graphic work by our Dave Dugan, we created a decal design that closely resembles the original lettering. It was installed by the crew of Muni’s Carole Gilbert, just in time for No. 1078’s return to revenue service. Thanks to everyone involved, including Liz WIlmes, whose company has done a great job of making decals for cable cars and streetcars alike.
This is the fourth of the 11 cars in the 1070-class to return to service after rewiring. The fifth, Toronto No. 1074, should be joining them within a few days.


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  1. great phot and great work on getting the car back in operaton. Really enjoy all of the blog photos.

  2. Would it be useful to collect pics of the new arrivals and present them in one display?
    Some of use are home bound . . I heare the cars but can’t go to see them.

  3. Hi. All you have to do is scroll down the entries and you’ll see photos of each streetcar during its testing. Click on the underlined numbers in the entry and you’ll go to a page with the profile and drawing of that specific streetcar. Click on the group of photos in the right sidebar entry that says “recently in our Flickr group” and you’ll be taken to our open Flickr group where numerous photographers contribute shots of the cars on the street.
    Hope this helps.

  4. I am so glad the cars are finally being accepted. It’s been a longtime coming. Next I’d like to see a couple 1100’s done. Nothing wrong with wishful thinking.

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