Muni Heritage Weekend September 26-27

P1060043Muni Heritage Weekend for 2015 has been officially scheduled on Saturday-Sunday, September 26-27.  These dates were reaffirmed by Muni in June.

The fourth edition of the popular event will again feature vintage streetcars, a special cable car, and vintage streetcars not often seen on the street, all available for the public to ride. Specifics are still being worked out, but it will be similar to the 2014 event, in terms of the vehicles involved. Working with Muni’s great shop forces, we’re hoping to introduce at least one newly restored vehicle to the operation.

If you’re planning to travel from a distance, consider coming early, because we’re working to set up special events for our members.  We will soon announce a free charter on Friday night, September 25 for members in our Operator’s Circle (annual membership of $250 and above.  This will be special. We’ll have details soon.

Late September is usually the best weather period of the year in San Francisco, and with school back in session, the summer visitor crush has passed. So if you’re planning a trip here for Heritage Weekend this year, stretch it out and enjoy many more wonders of the City by the Bay, and Northern California beyond.


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  1. 578–the “NO it’s not a converted cable car” trolley. It spent some time at Rio Vista Jct., where I got to run it. One design element that it shares with cable cars is the “Johnson bar” braking system. Orange Empire has a similar car from Bakersfield, but the B & K car doesn’t run.

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