Let It Snow (or At least Rain!)


We’ve gotten so used to seeing the orange trams from Milan on Market Street and the waterfront that it can be a tad jarring to see them in their native habitat, especially a scene like this. In an average year, Milan sees snow on seven days or fewer. Of course, that’s seven days more than the annual snowfall in San Francisco, where long-time residents still marvel at the once-in-a-couple-of-decades dustings we get on Twin Peaks!

(The photo at the top, taken in 1985, comes from Heritage Railway magazine by way of our Facebook Group. The shot below comes from a Milan tourist site.)


Here’s hoping we get at least some more rain here soon. After our big storm last month, it’s been dry as a bone!


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  1. Here in the Los Angeles area, we last had a snowfall in the “flatlands” in January 1949. There are several photos of Pacific Electric cars rolling through snow covered streets in Pasadena and LA. (we could go back to pre-1938 for PE’s Mount Lowe railway where snow was more common.)

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