“Last PCC” Back in Business!

1040_Van Ness_031212_Matt Lee photo.jpg

Muni PCC No. 1040 at Van Ness Avenue March 12, 2012, on its first day back in passenger service. Matt Lee photo.

The last of 5,000 streamlined PCC streetcars built in North America is carrying passengers again…on the F-line. Muni’s No. 1040, originally delivered in 1952, entered passenger service today a bit ahead of schedule. It had completed the minimum 1,000 of miles of testing after being completely rebuilt by Brookville Equipment Company in Pennsylvania, but was waiting for a Clipper fare card reader to be installed when it was needed on the street to fill a run this morning, so out it went. It’s still out as this is written at 9 p.m.
We wrote about what makes this car so special back in December, when it arrived back in San Francisco. It last carried passengers shortly after the F-line opened in 1995, when a history-minded operator would slip it out of the yard. It already looked faded and tired, especially compared to the then-newly renovated PCCs Muni had bought from Philadelphia for initial F-line service. It only ran a handful of times before its lack of wheelchair access (unlike the restored PCCs) and its shabby appearance put it back in the barn. Now, it’s fully ADA compliant, and glistens like its delivery day almost 60 years ago!
Market Street Railway members (and only our members) will get the first shot at riding this car on a great excursion from the Ferry Building to the zoo and back on the F, J, K, L, and M lines on Sunday, April 15. Watch your mailboxes for that charter information and an even more exciting one that everyone’s been waiting for. If you’re not a member, it’s not too late to sign up so you’re eligible for these great charters.


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  1. Fantastic and truly wonderful news to hear that #1040 is back on the rails in service once again! Simply amazing and terrific, and just in time for Muni’s 100th birthday celebration this year!

  2. Rode it! Quite by accident. It’s a marvelous restoration job. Very smooth and shiny.

  3. It is a great restoration and a very nice ride. During Tuesday 13 March 1050 was following 1040, both were together at the Fishermans Wharf Terminus in the afternoon and looked a great sight.

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