First Run of 1071

Another step forward for Muni’s program to get its 11 PCCs from the 1070 class into permanent, reliable service.  Streamliner No. 1071, painted to honor its original (1947) owner, Twin City Rapid Transit of Minneapolis-St. Paul, operated under its own power from Muni Metro East, on the T-line at Cesar Chavez Street near Third Street, across town to Geneva Division some seven miles away.  It’s believed to be the first time this streetcar, acquired by Muni six years ago, has operated a substantial distance under its own power.

1071 Embarcadero 121610.jpgPictured above on The Embarcadero connector track near Howard Street during its move on December 16, this streetcar is the first of its class to be returned to San Francisco following complete rewiring and installation of updated (but still traditional) propulsion components by Brookville Equipment in Pennsylvania. It is part of an $18 million contract that also includes the complete remanufacture of five additional PCCs.

No. 1071 was delivered to Metro East on November 20, but some of the new components were out of adjustment and the streetcar would not operate.  Muni towed it over to Geneva Division for a ceremony in conjunction with the dedication of the new covered storage facility for historic streetcars, then towed it back, where this week representatives from Brookville and its subcontractors have been making the adjustments.  They will incorporate the lessons learned from the renovation of this “pilot car” into the work being done on other streetcars in this group.

This streetcar will soon enter acceptance testing by Muni. Look for it on the N-Judah line as well as the F-line and J-line. After acceptance, it will start carrying passengers for the first time since Muni acquired it, as soon as a month from now.  (Of the 11 PCCs in this class, acquired third-hand from Newark, New Jersey, only 5 have carried passengers so far in San Francisco.) 


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  1. I recall eagerly awaiting for this fleet to arrive from Twin Cities to New Jersey in the early 1950s and now look forward to seeing them all in San Francisco, particularly car 1070 with the ruby red wheels. Can you give us an update on 1070 and the rest of the fleet?

  2. There was a problem with a component on the car when it returned. It is still under the contractor’s custody and a replacement has been ordered. As of January 27, they are still waiting for the component.

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