E-line Weekend Features Debut of No. 1008

1008_ATT Park_082512.JPG
On its first day of service, restored 1948 Muni PCC No. 1008 passes an LRV as it heads for the last E-line stop, Caltrain, after dropping off a swinging load of baseball fans at AT&T Park for the Giants-Braves game. Rick Laubscher photo. Click to enlarge.

The first day of this weekend’s E-line service featured the passenger-carrying debut of Muni double-end PCC No. 1008. The car, built in 1948, carried passengers in its original double-end configuration for about seven years, then was converted to a single-end car for the rest of its (first) passenger life. In the early 1980s, it was converted into a work car, then was sent out for full restoration by Brookville Equipment Company of Pennsylvania.
Today, following 1,000 miles of testing and “burn in,” it appeared for its first day of revenue service where it was needed most: the two-day America’s Cup-related special service on the E-line from Fisherman’s Wharf to Caltrain. Operator Angel Carvajal, at the controls of No. 1008 today, also operated it extensively during its burn-in period on the K, L, and M lines and says it runs like a dream, with good braking and acceleration.

1008 interior E line 082512.JPG
A full load of Giants fans rides No. 1008 to AT&T Park on August 25, showing how popular regular E-line service would be on game days. Rick Laubscher photo. Click to enlarge.

No. 1008 shared the Saturday’s E-line service with three 1948 PCCs that were restored with the first wave of F-line streetcars in the early 1990s, Nos. 1007, 1010, and 1015. Vintage 1928 Melbourne double-end tram No. 496 was on the line too.
Market Street Railway and the South Beach, Rincon Hill, and Mission Bay Neighborhood Association teamed up to provide more than 20 volunteer docents to help riders find the right platform for the E-line cars and answer questions. Thanks to Bruce Agid and Nick Figone for leading our volunteer efforts, and to all the volunteers who generously gave theri time.
The E-line service will be back again as part of Fleet Week from October 4-8. It is likely that No. 1008 will be joined by its twin, No. 1006, for that service. No. 1006, the second of the four double-end PCCs to return rebuilt from Brookville, arrived at Muni August 24 and will soon enter testing. It will be followed by Nos. 1009 and 1011, still under restoration at Brookville.