Do Not Open Until (Just After) Christmas!

Muni (and Market Street Railway) got the Christmas present of a lifetime delivered today.  At 7:30 this morning, SIlk Road Trucking rolled up to the Metro East light rail facility at Cesar Chavez and Illinois Streets and unloaded a special gift, shrink-wrapped in white, just in time for the holidays. 

Naturally, like little kids, the temptation was too great to resist, so a little corner of the package was torn open to see what’s inside…and oh, my!!!!

mystery streetcar.JPGBut we can’t spoil the surprise. For now, let it be said that this one may be unwrapped for the public as soon as next week in a special ceremony. Check back here for details.


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  1. (With apologies to Mr. Wordsworth)
    My heart leaps up when I behold
    A streetcar with the looks of old.
    Which left the Muni Railway track
    For lots of rehab, now she’s back!
    Not unexpected, but still news to brighten a rainy day. I know there have been comments about how much the makeover cost, but just the small part in the photo looks “primo”. And for an “encore” they’ll do 1009 (which I saw during a visit earlier this year) which needs even more refurbishment.

  2. Having sent my renewal in late, I can’t complain when the newsletter misses its due date–with the much anticipated update on car number One–but this is getting to be too much, I’m almost ready to act like a real local, and be utterly unreasonable, and start using foul language.
    I want to see this car.
    Darn it.

  3. Awesome amazing, and a well deserved overhaul for the old girl! Congrats to MUNI and MSR on their determination to see her restored so thoroughly.

  4. I was deeply involved with this restoration and I’m excited to see the Wonderful One uncovered for all to see! It took a long time but this restoration is one of a kind…

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