Congratulations, Mayor Lee!

It’s official: Ed Lee is now the elected Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco. We’re delighted. We congratulated him today at Boulevard restaurant as the boat tram sailed past on the Mission Street loop — a good omen.

Mayor Lee Reiskin RL Car 1.jpg

Mayor Ed Lee (right) inspects newly restored 1912 Muni streetcar No. 1 with SFMTA Transportation Director Ed Reiskin (Center) and Market Street Railway President Rick Laubscher.

Seriously, the Mayor has clearly demonstrated his support of SFMTA/Muni in general and the historic streetcars specifically.
At the dedication of Cameron Beach Yard (formerly Geneva) last month, we gave the Mayor a tour of newly rebuilt Car No. 1, now ready for its official welcome back to the fleet. Mayor Lee was extremely impressed with the quality of the work and excited about participating in a ceremony welcoming Muni’s first streetcar back to the fleet after a complete rebuilding. “But,” he said, “Not until after the election.”
That impressed us. A lot of candidates would insist that a high-profile event like this be held **before** the election.
We’ll let you know when the Car No. 1 event is scheduled. Meantime, congratulations from Market Street Railway, Mayor Lee.