A Brighter “Bumblebee”

F-line PCC streetcar No. 1057, painted in tribute to Cincinnati, is known to many of its fans as “The Bumblebee” because of its eye-popping yellow paint and stripes (admittedly dark green instead of a bee’s black). Well, now it’s even more eye-popping following a renovation by Muni’s maintenance team, including an entirely new roof, body repairs, and a complete repainting. Thanks to Jeremy Whiteman for this great photo!

1057_Beach Yard_081011.jpg

The Muni maintenance team who restored and repainted Cincinnati PCC No. 1057. Top row (L-R): Steve Chu, Carole Gilbert, Arthur Leary, Willie Alexander, Khalil Ali, Leon Bernal, Ontoniel Granados, Patrick Louie, Jose Granados, Alfredo Solis, Raul Alvarez, George Bernal, Peter Kuang, Dick Wie Shi Lui, Priscilla Steuban. Bottom row (L-R): Karl Johnson, Joselito Viernes, Arvin Camposagrado, Carlos Montez, Robert Donahue, Gino Ganoza. (Click the photo for a larger view.)

The car has now been released to go back into regular service. You can check on our special F-line live map to see if it’s on the street as you read this.
Once again, Market Street Railway is pleased to recognize the hard work and skill of Muni’s great streetcar maintenance team.


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  1. You know it’s a bright yellow when it drowns out the hi-vis jackets the crew is wearing…
    Looks great though.

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