Hot Holiday Gift Ideas at Our Museum

Hey, what if Mark Zuckerberg loved Muni? Hey, maybe he does. I mean, he now has a place on the J-Church!

Well, maybe you can’t own Mark’s house, but you can own his hoodie — complete with historic Muni logo! $49.95 for most sizes; super big sizes a little more; all the details are on that link you just passed. The new hoodie, long requested, is just one of the latest additions to the gift offerings at our San Francisco Railway Museum for the holidays.

We’re also offering several of the cool model F-line PCCs, made by Bowser. These are no dogs! They’re quite detailed and a great value (but note that they are models, not toys, so not recommended for little kids). Again, you can get all the details by following the link. While you’re on that store page, check out the very special messenger bags, made for us by Rickshaw Bagworks in Dogpatch. (We hope someday soon to go pick up new supplies by taking the E-line historic streetcar over the extension we’re advocating!).
These gifts and lots more great stuff are available online or at the museum itself. Remember, Market Street Railway Members receive a 10% discount on all merchandise in either venue.
And, for you fans that feel a twinge of nostalgia for Muni’s first light rail vehicles, the Boeings, we are offering authentic roll signs. Trendy designers have discovered transit roll signs as wall decorations and ask an arm and a leg for them. But you can get a 25-foot long side roll sign from a Breda LRV for $49.95. Complete front roll signs (50 feet long) are $99.95. Both are available in limited quantities at the museum only. When they’re gone they’re gone.
Finally, the three days after Thanksgiving (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), we’re offering all books at 20% off at the museum. So come on down to the San Francisco Railway Museum, 77 Steuart Street across from the Ferry Building, and get your holiday shopping done while you enjoy the F-line historic streetcars rolling past the doors.

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Red Heritage

Just after we celebrated Muni’s Heritage Weekend in San Francisco, something similar happened in Moscow, focused strictly on trolley buses. The former Soviet Union was the world center of electric transit for decades, with both trams (streetcars) and trolley buses spread across the sprawling Soviet empire. Indeed, the American-born PCC streetcar technology was widely used across the Soviet Union and its Eastern European satellites, usually using trams built by Tatra in then-Czechoslovakia.

298013 +++++.JPG

One of the many restored Russian trolley buses involved in the 80th anniversary celebration. Thanks to Jeff Marinoff for tipping us off to this.

But Saturday, November 16, it was the trolley bus’s day to shine, in sunshiny Moscow, on the occasion of the technology’s 80th anniversary of service in the Russian capital. (That’s two years earlier than San Francisco’s first trolley coach line, the 33-line skirting Twin Peaks, established in 1935 by our namesake, Market Street Railway Co. Click here for a great video of the parade of Russian trolley coach history.

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Muni Heritage Weekend: Same Time Next Year!

The past weekend’s Muni Heritage Weekend was so successful, Muni’s parent, SFMTA, and Market Street Railway has agreed to do it again next year, Saturday-Sunday, November 1-2 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Mark your calendars now, and if you’re a ways from San Francisco, start making your travel plans.
Here are some photos from the past weekend. All the vehicles that operated this year are expected back next year, with a couple of additional buses possible as well. And, of course, our second boat, No. 233, should be in passenger service as well.


San Francisco’s two "boat trams," originally from Blackpool, England, pose together for the first time on The Embarcadero during Muni Heritage Weekend. The new acquisition by Market Street Railway, No. 233, made possible by a generous grant from the Thoresen Foundation and a shipping subsidy from FedEx Trade Networks, is to the left, with No. 228 to the right.


1950 Marmon-Herrington trolley coach No. 776 makes the turn from Mason to Market on its loop from our San Francisco Railway Museum around Union Square on Muni Heritage Weekend.


San Francisco’s oldest surviving streetcar, vintage 1896 No. 578, drops passengers at the San Francisco Railway Museum F-line stop at Steuart Street, flanked by 1914 Muni streetcar No. 130, recently returned to service, Muni Heritage Weekend had every operable pre-World War II San Francisco streetcar in service, a great rarity.


Two hundred years of Muni history pass at the Ferry Terminal stop during Muni Heritage Weekend: 1912 Car No. 1 and 1914 Car No. 162.


Perhaps the oldest operational bus in any North American urban transit fleet, 1938 White Motor Company motor coach No. 042 prepares to finish another run with happy passengers during Muni Heritage Week.


Every decade of San Francisco’s transit heritage from the 1890s to the 1990s was represented during Muni Heritage Weekend. The 1970s, 80s, and 90s were symbolized by 1976 Flyer trolley coach No. 5300, which actually ran into the 21st century. The 5300 sported Muni’s iconic “Nowhere in Particular” destination sign.

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Reminder: It’s Muni Heritage Weekend


Scenes such as this will be common this weekend. Taken during Muni’s centennial celebration last weekend, this lineup at Market and California Streets shows (left to right) trolley coach No. 776 (1950), Muni’s Car No. 1 (1912), PCC No. 1006 (1948), and behind the trees to the right, O’Farrell, Jones & Hyde Streets cable car No. 42 (1906). Rick Laubscher photo

It’s going to be a great weekend for vintage transit! Muni and Market Street Railway are teaming up to showcase the full extent of Muni’s heritage fleet: motor buses, trolley buses, streetcars, and cable cars.

The center of action will be our San Francisco Railway Museum at 77 Steuart Street between Market and Mission, across from the Ferry Building. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, November 2-3, you can board vintage Muni buses for rides to Union Square and back, at regular Muni fares, looping from the museum up Sutter, down Mason, and back on Market, circling Union Square. You can also board on Market, eastbound at Powell, but there will be no other stops.
Operating buses include 1938 White motor coach No. 042, which served Coit Tower for decades, now restored to its original orange and black livery (no, it’s not for Halloween, nor for the Giants — Muni tried these colors on buses briefly in that era). There’ll also be General Motors “new look” No. 3287 representing the 1960s. Marmon-Herrington trolley coach No. 776 represents the 1950s, and Flyer trolley coach No. 5300 symbolizes the 1970s. The 1940s will be represented by St. Louis Car Company trolley coach No. 506, one of the first ten Muni ever owned. Under restoration, it will be displayed near the museum.
From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can also ride the one-of-a-kind O’Farrell, Jones & Hyde cable car No. 42, restored by Muni and our volunteers, just by walking a block to California and Market for a graceful swoop through the Financial District, Chinatown, and over Nob Hill.
And, of course, a wide array of Muni’s vintage streetcars will be out, including No. 578, built in 1896, which only runs on special occasions, and famed Car No. 1, Muni’s very first streetcar. Other vintage original streetcars, such as Nos. 130 and 162, are slated to appear as well.
Finally, Muni’s newest vintage vehicle, boat tram No. 233, which just arrived in San Francisco, will be on display on The Embarcadero.

We’ll also have a special sale of books and memorabilia while they last. And if you come Saturday, remember the fabulous Ferry Building public market. Spend some time there too…and take public transit to get to us. BART/Metro Embarcadero station just steps away, and of course the F-line, which stops right in front of the museum.
See you there.

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