Hot Holiday Gift Ideas at Our Museum

Hey, what if Mark Zuckerberg loved Muni? Hey, maybe he does. I mean, he now has a place on the J-Church!

Well, maybe you can’t own Mark’s house, but you can own his hoodie — complete with historic Muni logo! $49.95 for most sizes; super big sizes a little more; all the details are on that link you just passed. The new hoodie, long requested, is just one of the latest additions to the gift offerings at our San Francisco Railway Museum for the holidays.

We’re also offering several of the cool model F-line PCCs, made by Bowser. These are no dogs! They’re quite detailed and a great value (but note that they are models, not toys, so not recommended for little kids). Again, you can get all the details by following the link. While you’re on that store page, check out the very special messenger bags, made for us by Rickshaw Bagworks in Dogpatch. (We hope someday soon to go pick up new supplies by taking the E-line historic streetcar over the extension we’re advocating!).
These gifts and lots more great stuff are available online or at the museum itself. Remember, Market Street Railway Members receive a 10% discount on all merchandise in either venue.
And, for you fans that feel a twinge of nostalgia for Muni’s first light rail vehicles, the Boeings, we are offering authentic roll signs. Trendy designers have discovered transit roll signs as wall decorations and ask an arm and a leg for them. But you can get a 25-foot long side roll sign from a Breda LRV for $49.95. Complete front roll signs (50 feet long) are $99.95. Both are available in limited quantities at the museum only. When they’re gone they’re gone.
Finally, the three days after Thanksgiving (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), we’re offering all books at 20% off at the museum. So come on down to the San Francisco Railway Museum, 77 Steuart Street across from the Ferry Building, and get your holiday shopping done while you enjoy the F-line historic streetcars rolling past the doors.