Waterfront vintage streetcar service, summer 2023

UPDATE, July 9 — Today and tomorrow (July 9 & 10), a Milan tram will be the vintage vehicle on the waterfront. Pull out from Cameron Beach Yard at 9:20 a.m. It will shuttle between the Ferry Building and Pier 39. It’s not supposed to linger at Pier 39 or go all the way to the Wharf, so it can cover the heaviest part of the line more efficiently. Please send us an email (feedback@streetcar.org) if you see something different.

Muni is running a vintage streetcar two days a week through October 15 between our San Francisco Railway Museum, serving the Ferry Building, the Exploratorium, the Alcatraz ferries, and the entry to Fisherman’s Wharf at Pier 39. Initial operation will be Sundays and Mondays. Later in the summer, the days of operation may change; we’ll let you know. Each week, the same car will operate both days. Some weeks one of the two Boat Trams; some weeks Melbourne Tram 496; some weeks one of the Milan trams. At this writing, the 1928 Melbourne Tram is scheduled to be out July 2-3, and Boat Tram 228, debuting its red makeover, as soon as a current issue is resolved.

Waterfront vintage streetcar service, summer 2023
Boat Tram 228 in its shiny new (but still authentic) red trim.
Waterfront vintage streetcar service, summer 2023
Boat Tram 233, still wearing its original 1934 Blackpool, England cream and green livery.
Waterfront vintage streetcar service, summer 2023
1928 Melbourne Tram 496.
Waterfront vintage streetcar service, summer 2023
1928 Milan Trams at our San Francisco Railway Museum.

            The special run will leave Cameron Beach Yard, Geneva and San Jose Avenues, at 9:20 a.m. in service, meaning you can ride downtown via the J-line to Market Street, then the F-line to the Ferry. It is due to leave Pier 39 on its pull-in trip to Cameron Beach at 5:30 p.m., and again it will be in service, so you can ride it up Market Street and along the scenic route through Dolores Park.

            Best of all, they will not be collecting fares on these vehicles “due to lack of new fare box, transfer, and Clipper Card system”.  Muni is instructing operators to ask riders to pay for these rides on other F-line streetcars. We hope you will do that. AND we hope you will thank us for our continuing advocacy for vintage service by donating or becoming a member of our nonprofit.


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  1. It’s a month later, any heads up on whether Boat Tram 228 in the new red scheme will be running on a special Sunday/Monday?

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