Viewing San Francisco Streetcars with Foreign Eyes

Though it’s something many locals prefer to forget, San Francisco is a very popular tourist destination. Apart from all the money tourists spend in the city, one of the nice benefits of having all those people pass through town is that we get to see San Francisco from their perspective — in the form of photos and snapshots taken during vacations here.

It’s always interesting to view the city through the eyes of someone who may be seeing it for the first time. Not surprisingly, one of the things many tourists notice are the vintage streetcars of the F Line.

Recently, for example, German tourist Sebastian Suk visited San Francisco. Upon returning home, he posted a few photos from the trip on Flickr, and included among them are several gorgeous shots of San Francisco’s PCC streetcars.

Obviously, Sebastian is an extremely talented photographer. Personally, however, I like the way his photos encourage us to take a fresh look at some of San Francisco’s most familiar attractions.

San Francisco - Cable Car

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  1. I checked out his Flickr photos. The man does really nice work, not only in his San Francisco photos, of which there are many, but the others as well.

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