“Streetcar Artist” Retires

carols retirement 3-14-13 109.jpg

Carole Gilbert on March 14, 2013, her last day on the job, with historic maintenance superintendent Karl Johnson at Cameron Beach Division.

With the same modesty that she brought to her artistry at Muni for many years, Carole Gilbert stepped away from her streetcars last Friday, retiring quietly to enjoy life. Never one to draw attention to herself, Carole told few people of her plans. She leaves a great legacy in Muni’s beautifully maintained vintage streetcar fleet, which she and her team of dedicated painters kept looking great — and authentic.
While she didn’t seek recognition, our board member Todd Lappin managed to get her to talk about her work a few years ago here on our website. Definitely worth a read.
Carole retires with our best wishes and great respect for her dedication to her craft and her attention to detail.


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  1. Congratulations on entering the “retired life, Carol. I wish you well on all your future endeavors. Your service has been key to the success of our vintage cars. I’m not overlooking Carl J; he too has be a very key player.
    I’d like to believe that that you are/were too valuable to retire. Now that you have given up the 40+ hour rigor of a full time very demanding job, hopefully you’ll be joining the MSR as a rolling stock color consultant! Your expertise is invaluable. (Besides … you have the “book.”)

  2. Many thanks, Carole! Whoever follows in your footsteps will have HUGE shoes to fill!
    Harry Donahue,
    Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys, Inc

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