“Ruby Slippers” Dances along the F-line Again

Yet another PCC streamliner has joined the F-line fleet and this one brings blinks of deja vu.
Along with a back story.

1070 Metro East 2009 JWhiteman.jpg

PCC No. 1070 shows off its "Ruby Slippers" – red wheels – in 2009. Jeremy Whiteman photo.

When the F-line opened in 1995, served by its initial fleet of PCCs, all 14 of the single-end streetcars in the fleet came from Philadelphia’s SEPTA transit agency and were fully overhauled by Muni under a contract by Morrison-Knudsen. They were painted to honor various cities that ran these great streetcars in the past. No. 1060 was painted in tribute to a city that still did run PCCs at that time: Newark, New Jersey. The 1950s Newark livery chosen was distinctive because it featured red wheels, which some fans called “Ruby Slippers” in homage to Judy Garland in “The Wizard of Oz.”
Fast forward to late 2003. Another PCC with a slick silver Philadelphia paint scheme, No. 1054, was damaged beyond repair while it was being tested — hit by an LRV with a distracted operator on San Jose Avenue. Coincidentally, Muni was about to close a deal with New Jersey Transit to buy 11 of their recently retired Newark PCCs. So, at Market Street Railway’s suggestion, when No. 1060 needed painting, it was switched to the silver “Philly Cream Cheese” livery, and the flagship of the new “1070 class”, No. 1070, was painted in the Newark “Ruby Slippers” livery. That way, both streetcars would wear the liveries of their actual home towns.
But, as we’ve recounted before, it has taken a long time to get all the PCCs of the 1070 class into revenue service. No. 1070 is on the street today, carrying passengers on the F-line, finally making its Muni debut. This means that only one of the 11 cars in this class, No. 1073, has yet to enter revenue service, and that could come any day now.
Even on this gloomy day, No. 1070 adds more color to the F-line, San Francisco’s “Over the Rainbow” transit line.


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  1. I’m really glad to see 1070 finally in service again. As a young teenager I remember the fleet of 30 beginning service in Newark.

  2. From my own past experience when riding them back then in that city, those Newark PCC’s were quite well-maintained, fast-moving work horses, lasting such a very long time in regular service. It is great to know that the spirit of that city will be greatly represented this time around on #1070.

  3. Congratulations to MUNI on bringing another fine Newark PCC back to service! I grew very fond of these cars helping restore and now operating Newark City Subway car 6, one of 1070’s old sisters. They’re nice vehicles, from the unique paint job to how well-maintained they are.

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