e-Book, San Francisco’s Trolley Titan: United Railroads



This CD contains a searchable PDF of the only history book chronicling United Railroads, San Francisco’s dominant transit company from 1902-1921. Not available in print form, this superb mix of photos, equipment rosters, and compelling text will awe you for hours, viewed on your computer. Searchable. 938 pages. Authors: Emiliano Echeverria and Michael Dolgushkin, with Paul Trimble.



NOTE: This product is delivered on a CD, which contains a PDF file of this 938-page volume to read on your computer. It’s not a printed book.

Finally, the definitive history of the most powerful transit company in San Francisco history is here. San Francisco’s Trolley Titan: United Railroads, chronicles the near-20 year reign of the powerful Chicago-based company that consolidated transit in San Francisco in 1902, merging the already-powerful Market Street Railway of 1893 with the Sutter Street lines and other operations to create a behemoth. URR rebuilt its system after the 1906 earthquake and fire, bribing politicians to let it replace cable cars with electric streetcars on Market Street. The company went through two bloody strikes. It became hated enough by citizens that they voted for a Municipal Railway to compete. launching what we now know as Muni.

It’s all here, in descriptive prose and hundreds of rare photographs, equipment rosters, and route histories, more than 900 pages in all. Authors Emiliano Echeverria and Michael Dolgushkin, with Paul Trimble, have distilled decades of research into a book any transit fan will want to own and refer to over and over. You’ll see routes you ride today get numbered for the first time, including the 14-Mission, 22-Fillmore, 7-Haight, and many more.

This is an excellent companion e-book to the authors’ earlier work, San Francisco’s Transportation Octopus: The Market Street Railway of 1893.

Not available in printed form, but the crisp PDF makes for great viewing on your computer, and — big bonus — is searchable, too! If you are a real San Francisco history buff with a love of detail, you will gain many hours of satisfaction from this volume.



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