e-Book, “San Francisco’s Transportation Octopus”



This CD contains a searchable PDF of the only history book chronicling the incredible story of the Market Street Railway of 1893. Not available in print form, this superb mix of photos, equipment rosters, and compelling text will awe you for hours, viewed on your computer. Searchable. 471 pages. Authors Emiliano Echeverria, Michael Dolgushkin, and Walter Rice.



NOTE: This product is delivered on a CD, which contains a PDF file of this 471-page volume to read on your computer. It’s not a printed book.

San Francisco’s transit network took a great leap forward when the Market Street Railway of 1893 came into being. Consolidating numerous smaller operations and the major cable operations on Market Street itself, this private company, controlled by the gigantic and powerful Southern Pacific Railroad, dominated San Francisco transit in this important decade.

Authors Emiliano Echeverria, Michael Dolgushkin, and Walter Rice conducted decades of research to provide a close examination of the city’s transportation scene just before the dawn of the 20th century, with scores of photographs, detailed equipment rosters and livery descriptions that make this black-and-white era bloom with color.

Not available in printed form, but the crisp PDF makes for great viewing on your computer, and — big bonus — is searchable, too! If you are a real San Francisco history buff with a love of detail, you will gain many hours of satisfaction from this volume.



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