Private Bus Rear-ends PCC on Market

One of those fancy private buses that are now very common in San Francisco rear-ended PCC No. 1009 on Market Street Thursday evening (September 5), putting the streetcar into the body shop for repairs. The website SFist ran an article that wrongly stated that the historic streetcars are accident prone (offering only a link to articles mostly about bus and LRV accidents). But it does contain several good photos, so if you want to look at different angles, click here.
Too soon to know how long No. 1009 might be out of commission, but it certainly won’t be seen this weekend as part of the special E-line America’s Cup service (Wharf to Caltrain every 15 minutes, 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday).
Since rear-end collisions are virtually always held to be the fault of the following vehicle, we strongly urge Muni to go after the owner of the bus for the full cost of the repairs to No. 1009.
UPDATE (9/15): Our mistake. Muni is still evaluating options for repairing No. 1009; it hasn’t entered the body shop.