Our 2023 calendar is here!

Our 2023 calendar is here!

Maybe our best yet. You can get it either at our museum shop any Tuesday through Saturday, Noon – 5 pm (and save the shipping cost) or anytime at our online store. And if you join us for $100 or more annually here, you’ll get the 2023 calendar free! (Current and new members who qualify for the calendar will get it in plenty of time for the new year.)

Here’s a peek at the back cover, which includes thumbnails of the photos you’ll enjoy all year long.


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  1. Looks like the proofreader goofed to me. What happened to the rear trolley pole and all the overhead?

    • Wondered how long it would take for someone to catch that? You’re looking at the new battery-powered version of the PCC! (Seriously, we felt putting that shot on the cover with the catenary and other visual clutter would drive off many casual buyers, on whom we depend to break even on the product. We do not, and would not, make similar edits to the inside photos, which are on people’s walls for a month each. The cover is almost never visible once you put it up on the wall.

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