NextMuni Predictions Seemingly Better for Streetcars Now

After a spell when GPS-based predictions of when the next streetcar would arrive at a particular stop on the E- and F-line had become wildly inaccurate (when they occurred at all), things seem to have improved.

The historic streetcar fleet appears to have received new modems able to transmit location information to the NextMuni system. An excellent story by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez appears in the Examiner this morning.

Muni’s rail fleet, including the LRVs, now seems to have returned to the level of accuracy it had before the mess occurred. The bus fleet, however, may not be wholly accurate for another month, Rodriguez’s story reports. That could mean that substitute buses assigned to the F-line might not appear.

We’ll keep you up to date on this.


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  1. SFMTA has long run, Diesel buses, to supplement the F line. Especially during peak times. These extra buses rarely show up on the nextbus system.
    These Diesel buses are far superior operate more efficiently, are generally cleaner and quicker. SFMTA should use these buses more frequently.

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