New Orleans “Desire” streetcar No. 952 crosses Golden Gate Bridge!

See for yourself.

Really cool idea, putting a garden railway in the Conservatory of Flowers. By the way, the model of No. 952 is a commercial product from the great German G-scale garden railway manufacturer LGB. The write-ups on the streetcar describe it as being in New Orleans Public Service livery, which it is (essentially identical to today’s NORTA St. Charles line livery), but what a coincidence that they protoype they chose, No. 952, is not one of the 35 streetcars still running in New Orleans. Or maybe there’s just a secret fan of the F-line over in Germany!


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  1. I received “heads-ups” regarding the exhibit from a friend in Sacramento and from my daughter in Davis. I remember when the “G” scale New Orleans streetcar model came out a year or so ago, noting that the number matched the car in MuniLand. I suppose it’s appropriate, considering that the 952 is standard gauge, while its mates in New Orleans are 5′ 2.5″.
    On the subject of model streetcars, Aristo-Craft will be making “G” scale PCC cars in the near future. No information on what systems will be represented, but there should be at least one that has a 12″-to-the-foot counterpart on the “F” line.

  2. I have the above mentioned LGB 952 for an as-yet-to-be-built garden layout. It is a lovely model. I have also operated the real 832. Love ’em, love ’em

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