Muni Centennial Book Signing This Sunday

We’ve told you about the great Muni Centennial book created by five of our members. This coming Sunday, December 4, from 2-4 p.m., you have the chance to meet three of the authors, discuss Muni and San Francisco transit history with them, buy the book and have them sign it.
This informal book signing will take place at our San Francisco Railway Museum, 77 Steuart Street between Market and Mission, right at the Steuart Street F-line stop across from the Ferry Building.
While you’re there, take a look at some of the cool new merchandise our manager, John Hogan, has created, such as the magnetic lapel pin with the ironic (and iconic) Muni admonition above the driver’s seat, “INFORMATION GLADLY GIVEN BUT SAFETY REQUIRED AVOIDING UNNECESSARY CONVERSATION.” (You can also buy that conversation-starter (and stopper) as a t-shirt either at the museum or online, but the lapel pin is only available at the museum for now.)
So come on by and meet Grant Ute, Walter Vielbaum, and Robert Townley, co-authors of “San Francisco’s Municipal Railway: MUNI”, Sunday, December 4, from 2 to 4 p.m. If you can’t make it, no worries, you can order the book online from us.


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  1. Couldn’t make it to the book signing, but did get the book in the mail a week or so ago. I will give it a “highly recommended” rating. Anyone who is interested in public transit in general and Muni in particular, should have a copy. Mine has a place right next to the “Muni Trilogy” published in the 80’s by Interurbans. We can be thankful that Muni is an ongoing story rather than ancient history like Sacramento Northern or Pacific Electric.

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