A Great Book You’ll Want to Own – or Give!

We are really proud to announce the arrival of a wonderful book that is both a labor of love and a product of passion for our city’s transit system. It will make a great gift for anyone who loves San Francisco history or urban transit, or who would just get a kick of seeing how our town used to look.

San Francisco’s Municipal Railway: Muni, chronicles the first century of America’s first big city publicly owned transit system with a stunning array of photographs, many never before published, from a variety of sources.
The commentary, expressed largely through incisive photo captions, is first rate, as you would expect given the combined expertise of the authors: Market Street Railway board member Walt Vielbaum; Grant Ute, founder of San Francisco Railway Archives; historian Bob Townley; the late Philip Hoffman, Market Street Railway historian and board member; and the late Cameron Beach, SFMTA board member and former Market Street Railway vice president. The passing of Cam and Phil earlier this year robbed our city of enormous knowledge. This book, whose manuscript they completed just before they died, is both a tribute to them, and part of their considerable legacy to San Francisco.
The authors are donating all their proceeds to Market Street Railway in support of our historic preservation efforts. If you buy the book at our online store or at our San Francisco Railway Museum, we will receive a much higher net amount from your purchase than if you buy it elsewhere. This is an Arcadia book, but it is in a larger format and of higher quality than their standard “Images of America” series.
You’ll have hours of enjoyable discovery with this 144-page book, you’ll be helping Market Street Railway, and you’ll be paying tribute to the dedicated work of the authors.

And don’t forget it for friends and family on your holiday list!


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  1. Dear MSR,
    Your Centennial Book looks lovely and must get a copy. But, one big question – will there be a big streetcar parade in SF in 2012 to mark the centennial and, if so, when, please? Many of your fans over the other side of the pond are just waiting for this news.

  2. We are working with Muni right now to determine exactly the kinds of events and timing in 2012. We have recommended a multi-week Trolley Festival, featuring all of the oldest equipment, along the F-line for sometime in autumn, but this isn’t final yet. We will let everyone know as soon as we know. We recognize international travelers in particular need time to plan!

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