More Milan Color Coming


Steve Ferrario photo.

We’ve confirmed that another two-tone green Milan tram is headed for the streets of San Francisco. Muni has agreed to repaint Milan tram No. 1888, out of service since a 2003 accident, from its current transit orange to the two-tone green Milan livery used from the 1930s to the 1970s. It becomes the second green Milan tram, joining No. 1818, repainted in 2007. No date set for completion of repairs on No. 1888; it’ll probably be early 2009. Many thanks to Muni’s great streetcar shops for adding more color to the Milan fleet.


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  1. Were there any other colors that Milan used on their Witt fleet? Any other cities that used Peter Witts similar to Milan’s?

  2. Milan trams of this type have seen three liveries: yellow and white, as delivered on the first of this tram type in the 1920s (modeled on Muni No. 1811), this green (used from the 1930s to the 1970s) and solid orange (used on Milan trams since the 1970s, including the rest of Muni’s. Several North American cities operated this type of tram, the Peter Witt, in a wider body style, including Cleveland, Detroit, and Toronto, among others. MSR considered recommending these North American liveries, but to be consistent, that would require removing all the wonderful internal signage in Italian, which makes the trams authentically “Milanese” and have many fans.

  3. Would love to see at least one of the Pittsburgh cars reguaged for service. Should not have any wiring problems. They both would provide reliable service.

  4. I was in Milan last year (March 2007) and they now have Peter Witts running around in advertising livery.

  5. I have to agree that we should at least try to re-gauge one of the Pittsburg cars. Muni owns them and they were extensively rebuilt before we got them. Muni has done this work before, and now with the last accident and the delay with the wiring job on the PCCs, I think if we continue to push for at least one of these cars to be re-gauged, we might just have enough pressure to convince Muni to attempt it.

  6. @Whole Wheat Toast
    If I remember correctly, the main problem with the St. Louis car is that the pedals are reversed from all the other PCCs, making for difficult operator training and questionable safety. I don’t think there’s an easy fix.

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