More Business for the F-line

There has been a lot of talk about the coming explosion of residential housing on mid-Market (several thousand units either under construction or firmly committed between Seventh and Van Ness). We haven’t heard as much about the expansion of housing on upper Market, but Andrew S. Ross has a nice overview on

1057 Market_Duboce.jpg

Two new residential units totaling 200 units will be served by the F-line stop at Duboce and Market, from which this shot was snapped. Another 113 units are coming to Market and Octavia, just two blocks east.

The largest three developments, totaling 310 units, are sited in the long stretch between the Van Ness and Church Muni Metro stations, meaning the F-line will serve as their Muni line of choice. While the popular conception of the F-line is of jam-packed streetcars, there’s currently available capacity almost all the time from Castro to Powell Street at least. What happens when this combination of upper Market and mid-Market housing comes on line, though, remains to be seen.
As we’ve mentioned before, we are participating in the Better Market Street Project, which covers the section of our main street from Octavia to the Ferry Building. We’ll be pushing for changes that help all Muni service, including the F-line, operate more efficiently, to carry residents along all of Market to their destinations more quickly and safely.