Market Street 1906: A Repeat Visit by 60 Minutes on Sunday

Last fall, *60 Minutes* correspondent Morley Safer joined us aboard 1895 Market Street Railroad Company car No. 578 for a trip down Market Street, recreating the route featured in the Miles’ Brothers now-famous historic film. We told the behind-the-scenes story here, and invite you to read that post.
This Sunday, July 10, at 7 p.m., the story will be rebroadcast on *60 Minutes*, Channel 5 in the Bay Area. Our participation aside, we think the story of how this priceless film was restored and dated is a great tribute to film archivists David Kiehn and Rick Prelinger. We invite you to tune in.
We also invite you to pick up a DVD copy of the original 9-minute “Trip Down Market Street” film, including our commentary on what you’re seeing along the way, at our San Francisco Railway Museum or at our online store. It makes a great gift.