Awesome Muni Streetcar-Cable Car Simulator (Ja!)

We’ve long known that Germans have a real affinity for transit. Just come into our San Francisco Railway Museum almost any day and meet some.
But this is over the top! A German game company called Astragon has created an awesome Muni simulator that lets you operate a PCC or Milan streetcar, a cable car, a motor coach or trolley bus over a variety of routes, real and imagined. Check out this You Tube promotional video.

The preview shows buses being washed, spotless vehicle interiors, and shiny streets. This, of course, has already generated snarky comments to postings made by our friend Greg Dewar of N-Judah Chronicles, who discovered the game, which apparently was released just a few days ago. It also shows mysterious catacombs, a storage facility with a Milan tram, cable car, and bus happily coexisting, a game panel showing lots of money (apparently you get bonus points for actually collecting fares!) and all sorts of other stuff.
The game is only in German (for now) and only works on PCs (leaving out the higher-than-normal concentration of Mac users in the Bay Area). But it’s still very much worth a quick trip into this alternative universe of Muni.


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  1. What I’d like to see is a simulator that shows the operators getting cussed out when they ask a guy who just blew past them without paying the fare. I’m thinking the sort of video game the Supreme Court just declared perfectly legal. After trying for five minutes to collect the fare from the dead beat, the operator gets out of his seat, pulls out a monster rocket blaster and blows the scumbag out the back of the bus.
    It ain’t really Muni if it doesn’t have the toxic fare evaders, and the dirty equipment.

  2. The only thing that sucks about the game are the bus routes are urealistic. The only one that comes close in the game is the 47 (Van Ness) but is isn’t completely accurate.

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