Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingling


Decorated Milan Tram No. 1818 heading into service on Church Street. Click photo to enlarge.

Trolley bells, actually. Yes, our fantastic volunteers have done it again. The F-line streetcars all feature wreaths, and green Milan tram No. 1818 is kitted out with lights, garlands, and ribbons outside and full holiday decorations inside. You can find where it is with the live F-line map we collaborated with NextMuni to create. (Remember, though, not all the streetcars run all the time.)
We’re delighted our volunteers, led by Alison Cant, are getting lots of recognition for their work. Muni Diaries posted a nice piece with good photos; it has been picked up by other local blogs as well. Thanks to them all.
Next year is Muni’s Centennial, and we’re thinking about a much bigger, and very special decoration project to lead up to the actual centennial date, December 28, 2012. If you’d be interested in volunteering for this effort, click here to learn more and send us an email. And if you’re interested in supporting our volunteers (our only paid staff are the folks at our San Francisco Railway Museum), click here to join or contribute. Thanks.


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  1. I had a nice time last year helping out and would have been happy to bring new volunteers too. It would have been nice to have been invited back .

  2. Greg,
    Really sorry if you didn’t know of the decorating. You’re always more than welcome at any of our events. We’ll try to make sure we reach out proactively going forward.

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