Grand Old Flags…All of Them!

All summer long, the F-line streetcars are bedecked with flags: the American flag over the front door on all cars, and the flag of the city, state, or country they represent on the other side (as shown below with the Minnesota flag above the operator’s window of Twin City Rapid Transit PCC No. 1071).

On this Fourth of July, we’d like to tip our hat to three Market Street Railway members who have donated funding or volunteered their time to make this colorful addition to the F-line operation possible.
Joe Hickey is a Muni employee who, on his own time, mounts the flags on staffs and ensures they’re properly fitted into the holders on the front corners of the streetcars. He also replaces those that are lost or worn out.
James Giraudo is a California Highway Patrolman based in Truckee, who also operates a flag company and has donated many flags to the cause, even creating hard to find ones.
Dennis Frazier is an Air Force veteran from San Diego who has regularly and generously donated funds to pay for the flags we need beyond the ones that are donated by James.
Thanks to all of them. It’s members and volunteers like them that help our non-profit give Muni meaningful support to keep the F-line streetcars looking great.
We need your support to expand our support for the F-line and help strengthen our advocacy for startup of the E-line between the Wharf and Caltrain, its extension to Fort Mason and Mission Bay, and restoration of more vintage streetcars.