Gimme Shelter!

Great progress on the new shelter for historic F-line streetcars at Muni’s Geneva Division.
Geneva shelter 061610.jpgClick here to see what it looked like less than a month ago.
The shelter is still on track for completion on October. It will protect at least 24 historic streetcars from the salt air and rain when the streetcars are out of service.  Market Street Railway’s advocacy was the key factor in getting this protection for the irreplaceable historic streetcars built.


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  1. It looks good, too.
    And, as a leading nag on the Never Satisfied Committee, once it’s done and the cars are all inside, what are the odds that the cars now kept in wraps, like our second New Orleans car, and our other Melbourne W2 that I’ve never seen, will be unwrapped, so we can at least see them? Or, are they going to continue resting out of doors?
    Of course, uncharitable minds would argue that if you’ve seen one New Orleans streetcar you’ve seen them all, but such people are best ignored.

  2. Not as quaint and nostalgic as “Geneva Version 1.1” but much more earthquake resistant.

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