First PCC Streetcar Leaves for Rehab

1071 bound for Brookville

In this case, it needs to recover its nervous system.  Streetcar No. 1071, painted in the original livery it ran in when new in Minneapolis-St. Paul in the late 1940s, left Muni’s Geneva Division today for a cross-country trip to Brookville Equipment Company in Pennsylvania where it will be completely rewired.
It’s the first of 16 PCCs to leave San Francisco under an $18 million contract that will double Muni’s active PCC fleet when all the work is completed by the end of 2011. This particular car should be back by mid-October of next year.


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  1. Good Luck, #1071!! Hope it has a safe trip, gets there in one piece and it’s re-hab/re-wiring goes well. Hope it’s a “runner” after it’s 500 mile “burn-in.” It will be a welcome addition to the F line.

  2. The cars are being transported by highway, on the special trailer shown in the picture. They should head east on a pretty regular basis from now on.

  3. 11 months to rewire 1071 and get it back to SF???
    It’s scandalous how long those Newark cars have sat unserviceable exposed to the elements in Geneva’s open yard.
    And it bamboozles me why Muni couldn’t pull it together to have a contractor rewire those cars en situ rather than ship the entire car back East (finally).
    Congratulations to Market Street Railway for it’s steady pressure on Muni to put up a shelter for some of the historic fleet.
    RT Murphy

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