Don’t Forget: Special Family & Member Weekend at the San Francisco Railway Museum

952 Noe 0409.jpg

New Orleans streetcar no. 952.

A reminder that this weekend is special at the San Francisco Railway Museum, at the F-line Steuart Street stop across from the Ferry Building.
We’re offering special rides for families on decorated streetcars Saturday afternoon 1-4, and extra discounts for members (20% off all merchandise) both Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  If you’re not a member, come join Market Street Railway and take advantage of the discount right away.
We’ve confirmed, by the way, that New Orleans “Desire” car no. 952 will be the one we’re using for our special family rides on Saturday. 1914 Muni streetcar No. 162 is scheduled to be out this weekend as well, along with decorated Milan tram No. 1818.
Here’s the whole story.