White Christmas, Streetcar-style!

MSRy Christmas car 1930s.jpg

In the 1930’s, Christmas in San Francisco brought a cheery sight to streets served by our namesake, Market Street Railway Company. Muni’s private competitor would deck out its all-white streetcar “San Francisco,” which usually carried school classes around town on field trips, with holiday cheer. In essence, it was a rolling billboard spreading goodwill around town. The sign on the side would have been hand lettered and painted by an employee – a nice break from car numbering or other daily tasks.
In a modest way, our non-profit carries on this tradition of our namesake, by decorating the F-line streetcars every year. This year, we ran special charters for families on December 19 with the decorated New Orleans “Desire” streetcar, and a good time was had by all. We’ll be expanding this program to other events in 2010.
Happy Holidays to all!