Car 1 on the F-line! Get Out and Ride!

The big Fleet Week/America’s Cup/Giants Playoff weekend is under way, complete with E-line service. It includes the first regular passenger service for Muni’s Car No. 1, its very first streetcar, since its rebuilding. This surprise appearance by No. 1, apparently operating on the F-line between 11th Street and Fisherman’s Wharf, follows a ceremonial debut earlier this year and a couple of charters, including one for our Market Street Railway members. Here’s how to find out whether Car No. 1, shown on the screenshot below, is on the street as you read this, and which other streetcars are out on the E- and F-lines this weekend.

Go to our special NextMuni map page on our website. Click on the link in the upper left that says “Select Routes…” and pick the top choice, “E-line.” (Leave the F-line box clicked as well.) You’ll get a map showing both routes and the streetcars on them.

Remember, the city is packed this weekend with multiple events. So take public transit to reach your vintage ride. Caltrain connects directly with the E-line at the Fourth and King terminal, while you can switch from BART at any of its Market Street stations.

We don’t know which streetcars will be out Sunday, so check the map then.