Almost There On Streetcar Restoration

In case you didn’t tune into today’s Board of Supervisor’s Budget & Finance Committee meeting on SFGTV, which isn’t as boring as it might sound, committee reviewed the pending contract to restore 16 additional historic PCC streetcars.
After some questions, including the safety of the historic streetcars to which MTA’s Judson True stressed that none of the recent accidents appeared to be caused by mechanical problems, the committee unanimously recommended approval of this contract to the full Board of Supervisors (San Francisco’s city council) at next Tuesday’s meeting.
I won’t rehash how important this contract is to keep the F-Market & Wharves line running, but the ever growing number of bus substitutions are not popular with either the tourists or locals who’d rather wait for a streetcar than take a bus. Nobody benefits from running empty buses and too few (and way overcrowded) streetcars.


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  1. That’s good! One step out of the way. Let’s hope the full Board of Supervisors votes FOR it as well. Good Luck!

  2. Great job on this MSR! Thinking any further ahead than just the next budget cycle is unfortunately rare, but kudos to the BoS for looking down the road. Ensuring Muni will have working streetcars 5 years from now requires taking action now. We need to invest in our future again.

  3. The Newark,NJ/Minneapolis,MN PCC’s were removed from service in 2001 after arrival of new articulated LRV’s. They sat outside for three years when MUNI bought them. It”s apparent these cars weren’t inspected completely and a separate contract was required at increased cost for interior painting by Brookville and 1080 shipped back. As for the wiring problems this should have been addressed and included in the original contract also. Now its costing mega bucks to have this done. Here it is 5 years after they were purchased and they will still not be available for two more years. A real fiasco. I sure hope the ex-Phila. PCC’s will continue to run.

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