Vehicles of Recovery

San Francisco on the brink of disaster
On April 17, 1906, San Francisco was the West’s grandest metropolis. Four companies provided the city’s street railway services. San Francisco’s largest transit provider — with 139 route miles out of the city’s total of 154 — and its only city-wide street railway system was United Railroads of San Francisco (URR).


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Tales from the Grip: Rain, rain, go away…


Ah, rain…you can’t help but smile at the children laughing and happily splashing in puddles…the wonderful, clean scent after the storm passes…a glorious rainbow extending across the horizon…

I hate rain!

Allow me to explain why… One of the more difficult aspects of operating a cable car is learning to brake properly. Simply hurling back on the brake handle with all your might will stop the car, but will also result in a bone-jarring halt reminiscent of Wile E. Coyote going face first into a canyon wall. (This is considered to be very bad form.)


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